Monday, February 04, 2019

Fulton Sweater Blazer and Meeting Sewing Friends in Real Life

Fulton Sweater Blazer made with Mood Fabrics' stripe jersey

This is a blog post about this cardigan but it is more about meeting sewing friends in real life.

Last Saturday, I headed to Kansas City for sewing class, it was a last minute decision, my Saturday freed up and I could go.  The class was taught by Katie and Mac of Sew Altered Style and Leslie of Thread Bear Garments.  Katie made it work so I could attend the class, oh those darn last minute people!  LOL

Fulton Sweater Blazer made with Mood Fabrics' stripe jersey

Another teacher was Alina of Alina Design Co. the creator of this fabulous Fulton Sweater Blazer  and also another pattern which was taught also, the Panama Tee Dress, the students could pick or do both. 

Since I was a late addition, I brought my own fabric, this fabulous Mood Fabrics' Stripe Jersey Knit.  The students were supplied fabulous ponte fabrics for the Fulton, all purchased from Style Maker Fabrics.  Now let me clarify, Mac offered up her fabric but I just couldn't as that of her and I had this great stripe with a navy ponte, so I went with that.   That just shows you how great sewing friends are, Mac was so willing to offer her fabric so I could come. 

Fulton Sweater Blazer made with Mood Fabrics' stripe jersey

I worked on this Fulton at the class but honestly, I just wanted to talk to all these sewists!  It was so fun, we talked fabric, patterns, sewing, our IG names, fitting.  Can you tell I had a great time?  I did not finish my Fulton at the class but I did come home and finished it on Sunday.

This fabric was so easy to sew and cut, I used those stripes for alignment.  I did cut one layer at a time and then matched all the colors/stripes for the second piece.  The pattern does have a seam down the back, but hard to see using the one color stripe.

Fulton Sweater Blazer made with Mood Fabrics' stripe jersey

The collar is one of my favorite parts, Alina did a beautiful job with the design and instructions, you get a great finished look.

Fulton Sweater Blazer made with Mood Fabrics' stripe jersey

About mid-morning, another sewist came just to visit, Michelle of Sew Journers, she came wearing her Brunswick Pullover, Ash Jeans and hot off the sewing machine, Taos Top.  This woman has amazing skills, let me tell you!  It was such a fun surprise to meet her!  

The pockets are big, which I like and with my navy color, look good on the front.  I did use the contrast for the sleeve facing.
Fulton Sweater Blazer made with Mood Fabrics' stripe jersey

The meeting didn't stop after Michelle came in, later in the afternoon, Star of Well Fibre walked in!  She didn't know me but I was very familiar with her amazing work.  We chatted for several minutes and it was so fun to get to know more about her.

I made new sewing friends, too.  Sierra and Sam!  

Now back to the class, it was so fun watching all these sewists - some experienced and some newbies creating garments.  Sewing is contagious and Leslie, Mac and Katie are teaching so many new sewists, how exciting!

I love my Fulton blazer, not only for the style and fabric combination but the memories of my sewing day which are associated with it!

Fulton Sweater Blazer made with Mood Fabrics' stripe jersey

oh, yes, sizing, I cut a straight 12 but tapered it quite a bit.  I am thinking a 10 at the waist and 8 at the hips.  I did add 1 inch to the sleeve and body, don't forget to add the inch to the facing.

Fulton Sweater Blazer made with Mood Fabrics' stripe jersey

I have to tell you if you can make it happen, go out and meet sewing friends, it is the best.  Wear one of your favorite garments and go talk sewing and sewing fun.  It was great to change these online sewing friends to real life sewing friends!  Happy sewing all, this is such a great community.

What did I wear to the class?  My Evergreen jacket and this Briar tee (almost 4 years old). 

I made one more thing from these two fabric and will share that this week.

Disclosure - I receive a monthly fabric allowance from Mood Fabrics to make a garment.  This garment is blogged at Mood Sewing Network first and then I will blog here about this garment.


  1. Love your blazer & this looks like it was a fun day ! I was so star struck when I met lonestarcouture & juliestar. But so fun meeting up .

  2. Very cute...need those booties~

  3. Hello Lori.
    I'm so happy to find your blog. You have a very nice style and I'd love to have your new jacket in my closet.
    I heard you on an interview with Clothes Making Mavens, and then of course went to Sew Forth to catch up on your podcast. You had some really great guests with interesting info, and after listening to a few interviews the podcast was unavailable.... all of the episodes. I've tried for a week or two hoping it was just temporary, and I really didn't want to bug you, but I'd dearly love to hear all the podcasts. Will there be a way?
    Please let me know if there is, I'd be ever so grateful.
    Also, had to chuckle when you said you did accounting because I do too. I think that's why I like to sew, keeps the logical and creative sides of me happy.

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