Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Vogue 1323 - Rose Gold Metallic Velvet

Vogue 1323 from Mood Fabrics' velvet

I wanted to try my hand at velvet again, in fact another velvet shirt.  I knew if I sewed quickly I could get this velvet top finished for New Year's Eve.  I did get it done and wore it to ring in 2019

Now this fabric is gorgeous and has a beautiful drape, Mood Fabrics Rose Gold Metallic Velvet, which sorry is sold out.  Good news is there is several other colors
Vogue 1323 from Mood Fabrics' velvet

I went with Vogue 1323 and did a few changes, mainly do to the slippery nature of the velvet.  First off I hand basted everything but still had some issues with the fabric moving around.  I even used my Pfaff IDT feature ( Integrated Dual Feed from PFAFF)  Check out the 
Pfaff video for more information

I do think it has much to do with the thickness of this velvet, there is so much pile

The front placket has a tuck in the bottom but with the drape and flow of the velvet, it isn't too noticeable.
Vogue 1323 from Mood Fabrics' velvet

This velvet is hard to photograph, just so shiny! 

Other changes
1. only did topstitching for the hems.  I tried to do some on the placket, it didn't look very nice so I did some unsewing.

2.  I eliminated the cuffs, just didn't want to deal with that part of the construction with the velvet.

3.  No buttonholes, the top would slip on and off without needing the buttonholes.  I just sewed the buttons through both plackets to close the opening.  I did 4 buttons initially but it needed an odd number and I need one at the bust point.

Vogue 1323 from Mood Fabrics' velvet

What I wished I had done, mostly used a matching fabric for the inside of the placket and the collar, this fabric is scratchy with the metallic.  Oh, well, live and learn.

I do love the back of this shirt and this photo really captures the fabric
Vogue 1323 from Mood Fabrics' velvet - back gathers and yoke

One more thing, there is some pulling and lines at the top button.  If I make this again, I will check this out and maybe add some width to eliminate the pulling. I am not 100% sure this is a fitting problem or more due to the slipper fabric and some cutting/sewing issues.

Vogue 1323 from Mood Fabrics' velvet

This was my last make for 2018, but will be considered a 2019 make since it was blogged in 2019.  This will not be my favorite garment and I am not sure how long I will keep it in my closet but I did love wearing it out to a party on New Year's Eve.  I received several compliments and my friends did know I made it.    In retrospect, I should of used a more basic blouse pattern, the best detail of this one is the back and the gathers really were a nice feature with the velvet.


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