Friday, December 28, 2018

Velvet Maritime Knit Top

  Does December just fly by?  Are you like me and have so many plans for Christmas gifts and special holiday garments?  Well, lots of family obligations this month meant limited sewing time.  I did make several gifts, including matching pajamas for the five grandkids, we increased by three this year!  So here is the one garment I made for myself this month, but the fabric  is the star and perfect for holiday gatherings.

  I have been wanting a velvet/velour basic shirt since the velvet trend started.  I ordered this beautiful Silver Stretch Velour, which is available in 13 total colors.  This is incredible fabric and perfect for any type of garment that needs a bit of stretch and drape.  I went with Maritime Knit Top, a basic top which I have enjoyed changing up this year.

  I lengthened the sleeves to long sleeve, deepened the front neckline and shortened it to look good with my high waisted jeans.  I did use a deep hem for this top and the wrong side of the fabric is my neck binding.   It is a bit oversized and so comfortable.

    So this is my quick top and I was able to sew this in a couple of hours.  What is your go to quick sew?  Mine is always a knit top.


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