Friday, October 19, 2018

Pfaff Creative Icon Embellishment Butterick 6378

Let's talk about the sleeves, particularly the embroidery and decorative stitches I used to create the look.

Here is the Butterick 6378 post for all the information and photos.

Let's work from the bottom up.

The first stitch is from the Quilt Stitch section, Crazy Patch Stitches in fact.

Now the second row of stitches is an embroidery which I designed and used the Endless Wizard in Premier +2 Embroidery Ultra

It is a combination of a scallop Super Design and a border option.  The scallop has been copied, pasted and mirrored to match the original.  I also used the grid lines to line them up.

Next was the middle design, here is what I had and I was playing with other borders but I changed my mind.

Here is the border design and make sure you select one repeat so you can get it all lined up in the middle of the scallops

once the design is set, I went to the Home tab and combined my design.  With that complete I headed over to the Wizards and the Endless option.
Lots of choices here -  up, down, left, right on how you want to run the design.

Moving on up, the next stitch is on each side of the decorative circles and a tip.  I tend to change the length and width of stitches, so taking a photo of the changes is a good idea.  Just in case you can't finish your design, you have that photo to know your settings.

The middle part of the design is this circle

Then the last stitch is this one and I changed the length.  On the Pfaff you can tell when the length or width is not the default, the numbers are in green.  See it on this photo

So that is how I designed the sleeve.  I did stitch the embroidery element first and then drew some lines for the spacing with the decorative stitches.  All the decorative stitches were stitched with stabilizer under the fabric.

One more look at my finished blouse


  1. I like the embroidery. I have to say that I had a Husquvarna Viking #1+ for many years--I loved that machine--and now have a BabyLock ESG3. I've never done that type of embroidery and it certainly is something to consider. I would like to learn how to embroider buttonholes as I've been told that embroidered buttonholes are wonderful. Oh, I really liked the aqua-green gingham shirt with the pink gingham accents. Wonderful.

    1. Thank you, I am loving this machine and all the embroidery possibilities. Thanks for the embroidered buttonhole idea, I might have to try some. Thanks so much, I appreciate it.

  2. Great stuff, especially the sleeves embroidery is so on point!

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