Friday, December 15, 2017

Union St. Tee - Indiesew Fabric

Union St Tee by Hey June in a rib  knit from Indiesew

All year long, I have been working on finding the perfect t-shirt pattern.  I find it very difficult to find a long sleeve t-shirt with the sleeves long enough.  So I am trying out different patterns, until I find the one I want to make in multiples.

This pattern is the Union St. Tee (available at Indiesew), this one has a front piece with the FBA included.  All you do is place this one on top of the front pattern piece to get the FBA. 

I went with a Medium and the FBA piece.  Now on this rib knit fabric (also IndieSew but sold out), I could of passed on the FBA piece, as this fabric has lots of stretch.

Union St Tee by Hey June in a rib knit from Indiesew

You can see the extra fabric under the arm but I am okay with that.  I love this fabric and it is so comfy.  The scoop neck is the best on this pattern, I always like a scoop neck and how it looks on me.

I wore it on Sunday with my Evergreen Jacket and it was a fun look.
Union St Tee by Hey June in a grey rayon knit from Indiesew with Evergreen jacket

I made another one, in a grey also, grey rayon knit (sold out again, sorry) and like this one, too.  I feel like this really shows how fabric changes a garment.  
Union St Tee by Hey June in a grey rayon knit from Indiesew

This rayon just really shows all the wrinkles and lines.   I have some navy rayon jersey and might try a few pattern adjustments.  Maybe smaller at the waist and hips for a slimmer fit.

Union St Tee by Hey June in a grey rayon knit from Indiesew

After showing you these two shirts, I have to share my first one
Hey June Union St Tee in a buffalo check knit from Joann's

This one a knit from Joann's with little stretch, made to go with my Simplicity 1499 vest.  I have always had a larger bicep - packing kids, working on the farm and now yoga.  My yoga instructor loves planks, good for the arms for sure but I need extra width in patterns occasionally.

I measure the sleeve width and knew I need to add a full bicep adjustment.

In this large check shirt, I felt like my arms were in a sausage casing and looked like it too.  Some due to the limited fabric stretch but some due to the shape of the sleeves.

After looking at the pattern piece, I thought for my arm. the sleeve curves in too much at the bicep.  I traced this pattern onto paper and drew more of a straight line from the armhole to the hem.  It looks much better to me and fits so much better.

I sent this check shirt to Meredith and it looks so cute on her.  

The week between Christmas and New Year's, is an off week for me, I only have to work one day.  So I am going to evaluate all the shirts I have made and take the best parts of each and make my favorite t-shirt pattern.  I see the body of the Briar, neckline of the Union St. Tee, sleeves - will have to see.  Then find the one with the perfect length.

What about you - favorite t-shirt pattern?


  1. Your shirts look great. I do like the neckline on this tshirt. I've been making Vogue 9057 lately. I think I'll give this one a try soon.

  2. I've been trying out a few too! Right now I'm sewing the K4146 which is a raglan T with a drape in the front and back. I'm leaving off the drape and making up a couple of silk knit undershirts which I'm LOVING. So slinky, warm and breathable too - just what I need right now (I'm in Canada). I made up the Closet Case Ebony a couple of months ago (the shortie and tunic versions) and love how it fits me across the shoulders and upper chest. I have a few Tee patterns yet to try - I haven't tried the Union St. yet but I probably will at some point :)

  3. Nothing like a great tee as I often say. Love your Union Street tee, it's in my collection and I really need to give it a try.

  4. Your t-shirts look wonderful!
    The different amounts of stretch in knit fabrics certainly don't make it easy to get the "perfect fit" in any one pattern.
    Have you tried the Pamela's Patterns t-shirt? That one seems to have become my go-to pattern, though it still seems to need tweaks with every fabric.

    1. Me too! Pamela's Perfect T is a great fit. it comes with a FBA, 3 different sleeves and 3 different necklines. You can also buy an add on to get more options. I have made it at least 6 times in different fabrics and no one believes its the same pattern.

  5. Love your cute T especially with your Evergreen jacket. I have a favorite T (or knit top pattern) which I self-drafted. I think you are on the right track on taking the best of the different T-shirts and making your own pattern.

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