Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Sapporo Coat in Double Sided Fabric

Sapporo Coat made with Mood Fabrics

Fall time which means I can make a new coat, I love making coats! 

I was looking through Mood's site and found this incredible fabric.  It is Mood Fabrics' Tan and Gray Printed Cotton Twill with Navy Reverse Face  and it is such great fabric, it deserves a long name. This fabric intrigued me right away and while I was waiting for it arrive, I started dreaming of what to sew.  I decided a statement coat, which seems to be trendy in RTW, a bit like this one.  After I have an idea, it is time for a pattern, which I decided would be Papercut Pattern's Sapporo Coat., which I purchased at Style Maker Fabrics.

Sapporo Coat made with Mood Fabrics

  My thought was to use some of each fabric side to make this coat and the lines of this coat really makes it easy to plan the fabric layout.

 So here is the back

Sapporo Coat made with Mood Fabrics - back

    This coat goes together quickly and really does make a statement.  I love the mitered corners on the inside and the way the side seams meet

Sapporo Coat made with Mood Fabrics - mitered corners

  The fabric itself states cotton twill on the website and it washed beautifully.  The only thing I noticed was it is a bit scratchy - wool like.  So instead of using the self fabric for the lining, I had a bit of soft dark denim and I used that for the self lining.  I rolled it up so you could see how well the fabric matches

Sapporo Coat made with Mood Fabrics - sleeve lining

Sapporo Coat made with Mood Fabrics side and back

        I used some stash fabric for the lining, keeping the blue theme
Sapporo Coat made with Mood Fabrics - lining

    The recommended fabrics for a Sapporo.... in any woven fabric; from a light cotton, rayon or silk right through to a heavy wool. So head over to Mood and find the perfect fabric for your statement coat.   Here are more photos of my coat  

Sapporo Coat made with Mood Fabrics

Sapporo Coat made with Mood Fabrics

      Happy Fall Sewing!  What are your sewing plans          


  1. What a wonderful fabric combination! It makes for a really striking and dramatic coat. I love it. Beautifully made as always.

  2. I adore this coat. It's different, it's fun, it's on trend, and it will keep you warm. Great colors. I can see it with a high-necked long sleeve top with the sleeves peeking out from the coat's sleeves. Oh the many possibilities!

  3. My Sapporo pattern just arrived yesterday in the mail AND I have some lovely Liberty stretch denim in my stash that I've just been waiting for the right pattern for and I've been THINKING a denim coat/jacket would be just the right thing for it so now you've definitely inspired me to do just that! I have some silk too that I think would really set the whole thing off. Your coat is gorgeous!

  4. Your coat is fantastic! Gorgeous.

  5. Love this coat! Your fabric choice is perfect