Thursday, July 06, 2017

Navy is the Theme for Three New Tops

McCall's 6964 knit top

I tend to sew in color families, especially with knits.  I feel it saves time as I don't have to rethread the serger, sewing machine and cover stitch machine.  So today, I am sharing three navy tops.
The first one is McCall's 6964, a repeat performer.  This time using the v-neck and fabric from Joann's Fabrics.  This fabric faded some after washing and it has a few light blue-gray spots on the white.  I am hoping it fades with repeat washings.

I made the round neck version in June and really prefer the v-neck.  I did had a bit more FBA on this latest version and I think the fit is better
McCall's 6964 knit top with v-neck and fabric from Joann's Fabric

I have a favorite Loft t-shirt and love the fit.  While I was making this shirt, I kept comparing the two shirts.  I did shorten the sleeves by one inch and also took off an inch from the hem.  Next make will have another one inch from length removed.

A picture of the back, not the best shot but showing it anyway
McCall's 6964 knit top back

I had enough fabric left to make Kaitlyn a Plantain Tee
Plantain Tee for Kaitlyn from Joann Fabrics knit

Next another Briar Shirt, I just love this pattern and how the finished garment looks.  I found this tie-dye fabric at Fabric Mart and it is really quite nice.

I did cut the neckline on the darkest navy part of the fabric and like how the solid look frames the neckline.

There isn't much more to say about this shirt but it is a great basic (which I need), it sews quickly and I have made it so many times before

IBriar Tee  made from Fabric Mart knit

Briar Tee side made from Fabric Mart knit

I am going to take a bit off the shoulders next time, this one is a bit dropped shoulder.

Briar Tee  made from Fabric Mart knit

Lean to the right!  LOL

Briar Tee back made from Fabric Mart knit

Last but not least, I used up the last of my blue gingham from IndieSew (original project here) and the Lou Box Top

Lou Box top made with gingham and bias detail.  Pattern and fabric from Indiesew

I cut the neckline and pocket on the bias to add some detail.  Also, I let the neckband show.
Lou Box top made with gingham and bias detail

I like to do repeats when I am short on sewing time and I really need some basics.  These tops have almost all the fitting issues and they are quick to sew.  

What is your favorite repeat top pattern?

Now back to thread changes, I have one more navy fabric to sew up.  A beautiful maxi dress that is coming along nicely.  

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  1. Lovely tops! It certainly makes sense to "gang up" like colours to save time on re-threading the machines.

  2. I had waited, hoped and kept checking on Megan Nielsen's Dove blouse and finally she announced a few months ago that it's available in print and I think that DAY I ordered it. This is a beautiful pattern! The fit required so little fiddling it was astonishing. Ironically I'm making it up a second time sleeveless (when of course I wanted it for the sleeves!) but it's made such a beautifully fitting sleeveless for summer I"m onto my second using a luscious rust coloured silk remnant I picked up in the fall. Love your M6964 in that fabric - gorgeous!

  3. You always make such nice tops Lori, you are the top queen!

  4. I saw your post on Instagram and wanted to read about your top project. Very nice, Lori. I like the idea of maximizing your time by sewing things in the same color family. These look great.

  5. I love your blue tops with pink shorts. To answer your question, I have two favorite repeat top patterns: The Dove Fitted Tee and Tessuti Alice. The Alice works especially well for using up remnants, as I can mix two fabrics, and also make extra seams in the body, if necessary.

  6. Very nice tops, you are such an enabler. I will have to go and get that mcCalls one.

  7. They all look great!!

  8. That's a good idea to sew several things in the same color family at once. Love your tops.

  9. All 3 tops are great! Navy is such a classic color and it looks great on you.

  10. The tops are lovely especially the gingham one!

  11. Put a couple of Color Catchers in the wash and it may help with the blue that faded onto the white. If you use Color Catchers the first time a fabric is washed, it really helps prevent bleeding.