Monday, January 09, 2017

Archer Shirt for Kailtyn

Archer Shirt made from IndieSew chambray.

Yes, Kaitlyn gets another garment.  This time a Grainline Archer Shirt in a Moss Green Chambray from IndieSew

Now I have made this shirt many times in the past,  check them out here.  One thing I noticed, I love this shirt pattern but had not made it since December 2015.  Well, 2017 needed to change that.  I changed that in a big way, this one for Kaitlyn is the first one of three I have made so far in 2017.  Kailtyn's was mostly made in 2016 but finished in 2017, so counting it as a 2017 make.

I have said lots about all this shirt in the past, so here are just a few things.
1.  Notes - I have put lots of notes on the instructions.  For instance, how many inches down from the collar band to mark the bust point button.  Also, included is the inches between buttons.  This saves so much time as I don't have to try it on each time.
2. I buy shirt buttons in bulk from Fashion Sewing Supply, it is so nice not to have them in my sewing room.  
3.  I don't hem the shirt until after the buttonholes and buttons are done.  There have been several times, I have thought the two sides were even only to have to redo one side just a bit.

Another thing, I started this year, making the stitching at the top of the pocket just a little different on each shirt.
Archer Shirt made from IndieSew chambray.with pocket details

Now a few more detail pics
Archer Shirt made from IndieSew chambray - collar detail

Archer Shirt made from IndieSew chambray., cuff

Archer Shirt made from IndieSew chambray., front band

Archer Shirt made from IndieSew chambray. front pockets

Archer Shirt made from IndieSew chambray, back yoke

This color was very hard to photograph but it is a beautiful shirt for Kailtyn and she can always remember I made it!
Dutch Label Shop for Girls in the Garden

For two more shirts, head over to Mood Sewing Network, one for me and one for Erin, daughter two.

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  1. Looks so professional.

  2. Love the green chambray - such a pretty color. I have only made one Archer but have another one on my sewing list for 2017!

  3. This looks great. I love your attention to detail. Would you mind sharing what size stitch you use for your topstitching. It looks just right. Thanks.

  4. Love the color! Lucky girl!