Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Pajamas

When I look at these cute Christmas pajamas, they just bring a big smile to my face and these words pop into my head "the children were nestled all snug in their bed" (from the Twas the Night Before Christmas).  I decided to start a tradition of making Christmas pajamas for the little people (aka grands)  in my life.

First we need to talk about this fabric, Girl Charlee's Fair Isle Deer Heart knit, which I think is the perfect Christmas fabric and the solid red knit for the bands is from Girl Charlee, too.

I used KS 2919 for the sleeper pattern, sewing a size Small, which is 0 to 3 months.  This pattern is perfectly drafted and I appreciate Kwik Sew's thorough instructions.  Not to mention, they are so easy to follow.  I interfaced both sides of the fabric for the zipper and stitched one of the sides.  Using my Frixion pen, I made a few marks on the other side of the zipper tape.  These marks  helped to line up the pattern across the front.  My only change to the pattern was to shorten the front tab and I think I could of taken off another 1/4"

Next up was toddler pajamas from the Kwik Sew: Sewing for Toddlers book.  I keep using the same size just adding a bit of length.  These pajamas are so quick to sew and turn out just darling.

Close up of the top

And the pants

I think they are so cute, I have to show the two of them one more time!

I made these two pajamas for Christmas and one other gift item so my Christmas sewing list was short.  This will be my only sewing post this week as I plan to enjoy some vacation time and lots of family time.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
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  1. They are lovely. I used this very same material to make 2 little dresses for my two 3 year old grands and I bought 2 red cardigans to match. So looking forward to seeing them modelled. I also used Gurk Charlee's grey scuba blue triangle stag fabric to make 2 little peplum tops for my 2 baby grands (not pianos!)

  2. So sweet! Enjoy the Holidays with your family :-)

  3. These are really ,really cute !!!! My DIL is super picky so I don't make many clothes . But I would love to !!!!

    1. PS enjoy holidays - you are such an inspiration to me !!

  4. How adorable!! Merry Christmas!

  5. They are adorable. I haven't made the Grandkids any matching pj's the last couple of years. We are up to 13 and it just seems overwhelming.

  6. How darling! I just made my friend's little baby and her 3 year old matching Christmas jammies and used the KS Toddler Book too (and the a baby pattern I had). Merry Christmas!

  7. Perfect jammie fabric! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  8. Lori - these are adorable. I hope we get to see pics of the babies in them. Merry Christmas! g

  9. Absolutely adorable!

  10. These are precious, Lori! I obviously missed an important event, as I only knew of one little boy. Congrats on another grandchild! I know you've mentioned before, but would you share again the snaps you use and where you purchase? They always look very professional.

  11. Anonymous10:10 PM

    These are so sweet!!!