Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring and Summer Sewing Plans

The time of year has arrived for beautiful weather and green grass, which means I need to start some spring and summer sewing plans.  I shared my fall plans on the blog and it really made me accountable and focused, so I will continue for this season.

First up, McCall's 7094

I have a RTW top like this and wear it so much.  I am going to use this silk from Mood

A pair of pants from Burda 7447, using some khaki twill from stash.  

Next on my list is Burda 6919

Still looking for fabric for this one, I had ordered a red knit from Mood Fabrics but it is so thin it will not be used on this dress.  I want to do View A, so any fabric suggestions?

McCall's 7127, is saying make me, make me.  I love the back on this one

I am thinking this Style Maker's sweater knit

What do you think of this?  I am uncertain and   am still on the hunt for the perfect fabric, but sometimes I hunt too long and the season is gone!

Currently, I am sewing the Camas Blouse

and black ponte for the contrast

Kwik Sew 3026, popover blouse is another top on my list

From a dotted cotton voile, the exact fabric that Amy used on her blouse

Also a top from Vogue 1440

and I am using a cream silk for this one.

McCall's 7093 is just so fun, love the side pockets

Still looking for fabric for this one.

Using this Girl Charlee stripe for the back

I have fabric for a dress, using a Vogue pattern, which I cannot locate right now and also fabric for a maxi dress.  The maxi dress I have narrowed to these three patterns

Which do you like best?

Then I have fabric for a Linden Sweatshirt,   a couple of Renfrews and I want to make the new 

Not to mention sewing for my girls!  Meredith picked out fabric on Sunday for McCall's 7125, using a soft green polka dot with white lace trim

Then New Look 6282  with a teal for the skirt and a cream knit for the bodice.

Wow, that is quite a list, I should be sewing more and getting some things done.  In reality, sewing time is limited right now.  I just finished a big event at work, that went perfectly and was so much fun.  Also, working in the yard, which is a priority this summer, Kaitlyn's wedding and reception is in our yard!  Also, we have lots of family things going on.  Hopefully, this weekend will provide some sewing time.

Now what about you?  Do you make lists?  Overplan?  Underplan?  Or have a garment in mind and then the fabric is hard to find?

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  1. Lori, It's so nice to have spring/summer weather. I'm so, so happy the winter is over. I really like your sewing plans for the season. There are a few garments shown here that I would like to try too. Good luck with your projects and I look forward to seeing what you make.

  2. Those are some ambitious plans, Lori! Your sewing machine will be smokin'. And thanks for the link to Style Maker Fabrics. It's a new one to me

  3. Here's some Burda dress fabric suggestions both are from Mood The Worth Tomato Stretch Viscose Blended Ponte Knit or Poppy Red Paisley Polyester Jersey Knit if you are looking for a print and still in the red color pallet. Love your sweater knit and pattern - I have a teal Alice and Olivia sweater knit in my stash that needed a pattern! Love all your maxi dress choices - but option three is a favorite. Happy sewing!

  4. I like your plans especially your maxi dress choices. I want to make more maxi dresses so I'm on the lookout for new patterns!

  5. Very nice - and I like the Butterick for the maxi dress.

  6. Looks like some wonderful and challenging plans. I was attracted to McCall's 7127 with it;s interesting back as well but then I checked it out on Pattern Review's site and it doesn't look as tempting. When I had a look, nearly everyone had problems with it and was not recommending it. Seems the back comes out droopy. If I decide to go for it, will probably go with a firmer knit like ponte or scuba. Look forward to seeing how you make out with it.

  7. Love seeing your plan and many of those same patterns are on my to do list as well! I love the Camas blouse and just ordered it. Can't wait to see yours. I like #3 in the maxi dresses. I also have the New Look maxi pattern. I need to stick to my plan more as I keep seeing things along the way to distract me. . .like more ideas from your blog - I love it - keep sharing!

  8. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Ooh! What fun plans! I particularly like the first McCall's top, especially with that lovely fabric! I keep a list taped to the wall by my sewing machine, but I don't feel obligated to stick to it or sew in any particular order. But it's helpful for me to remember what I was excited to make at the beginning of a season so I don't get too distracted! I got about 2/3 of the way through my fall/winter list, and the final 1/3 I changed my mind about or used the planned fabric for something else.

    Excited to see these plans come to life!

  9. I'm working on 7093 and 7094 plus the Hot Pattern sleeveless. I'm going to love all of these. I've started 7094 in a royal blue silk. It's going to be beautiful. I had to leave and housesit for my daughter in Dallas. My machines are huge so I wasn't hauling them. I'll be home this next Tues. Its hanging on my mannequin waiting for me.

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