Thursday, December 04, 2014

Totally Trendy Tote - First Christmas Present Completed

My girls are blessed to have a wonderful couple in their lives, not related but we always say they are like another set of grandparents.  Each Christmas we get together for a meal and exchange gifts.  The woman is a quilting friend and she makes so many quilts and quilted items.  It is unbelievable how productive she is.

Each month we have a sewing night at the local quilt storeand I decided to make my friend a big bag.  I thought the bag could be filled with "extra" sewing items.  Each sewing night instead of packing a bag she could just grab this bag and head out for sewing.

I used Totally Trendy Tote 
I made the large size and it is very big, perfect for projects.  
I used a combination of quilting cottons for this project and the recommended
 Soft and Stable.  This product makes a nice sturdy bag but it is still soft.

I quilted this one myself but could send some yardage to the long arm quilter for an interesting quilting design.
I quilted the pocket in the opposite direction, adding a bit of variety.

One great feature of this tote is the top zipper, it is easy to install and really adds to the bag

I do like how she treats the extra part of the zipper, just adding some design element to the top.

The one thing to consider when making this bag is the quilting and thread color.  This bag is layered
  1. outside fabric
  2. Soft and Stable
  3. lining
These three items are quilted together and then the bag is formed from this piece.  You do not line this bag and all the quilting, sewing of the handles, pocket, etc will show on the inside

The side seams are finished with binding as is the top of the bag.

The only thing I would do differently for the next bag is use a lining fabric very close to the outside fabric.  This way the stitches might not show up as much in the inside for a cleaner finish.

I did find myself having to read the instructions a few times to interpret what I was suppose to do.  I just think it was a different approach to construction so I had to wrap my brain around the concept.

I think my friend will love her bag and will a perfect way to tote projects to and from sewing night.

How about you, any sewing projects for gift giving?


  1. Lovely bag. I like the different finishing techniques used for the lining and zipper.

  2. Very pretty bag! I like that zipper on the top, too. Keep your stuff from falling out.
    I don't have much to make for gifts, but want to get a few things done. Probably infinity scarves.

  3. What a great bag! I think she'll love it. I'm doing aprons for all the ladies in the family.

  4. That is such a thoughtful and useful gift. She will love it.

  5. That bag is lovely and looks very practical for toting supplies around. I'm sure your friend will love it.

  6. Tote looks great! I have a few table runners to finish up for gifts, hope to work on this weekend.

  7. What a lovely thoughtful gift and very practical too. I sure your friend will appreciate the love that has gone into making this gift and find it useful for many years to come

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