Monday, August 11, 2014

Curtain Project

Mood Fabrics has opened up a whole new street level in their retail store in New York City, this level is dedicated to home dec fabric.  To celebrate this new dedicated area, Mood Fabrics gave the MSN bloggers an opportunity to sew a home dec project.

At first I turned this down but thought it through a bit.  I have been trying to do a bit of updating in our master bedroom which is very nice but very monochromatic - blues and browns.  Lately, I have just been craving color

 Each month I budget a small amount to do some updating.  Last month, I purchased glass pulls for the furniture (actually they are acrylic) and this was a great update.

Remember my two-color quilt?  Well, that is in the bedroom now and really looks good with the blue walls.

So the offer from Mood came at a perfect time, I did have to put money with the allowance and it was more than what I wanted to spend but the fabric is so worth the over-budget, I will just skip next month.

I had the girls help my look for fabric on Mood Fabrics' home dec section of the website and here are the swatches I ordered

1. Coral Herringbone

2.  Pink Checkered Cotton Canvas

3.  Graceful Garden Floral

 I am going to make 4 curtain panels, easy sewing but it will have big impact.

So my question to you, which one did I pick?  Did I go with the floral, one of the geometric ones?


  1. The floral would be pretty with the quilt, I think. More importantly... Where did you find the artwork that is displayed above your bed?? Pretty!

  2. I think the floral print is too safe and a bit 80's IMHO. I'd go with a geometric for an updated look. It's so fun when you put up swatches!


  3. I'm guessing the coral herringbone, but they are all pretty.

  4. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Hmmm, maybe you picked the herringbone? It's so fun to guess!

  5. I am always partial to florals because they usually have so many colors in them. Is that what you chose?

  6. I'm thinking the checked canvas.

  7. I first thought that the floral would look great with your quilt but might not go so well with your floral wall art. So I will guess #5, the geometric Ikat. Gorgeous color and your wall art will pull the curtains and quilt together. So fun to play with room colors!

  8. I would say the floral, very pretty, but the ikat is a fine choice, too!

  9. I'm guessing either the Ikat or the coral herringbone Can't wait to see the finished product!

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