Monday, June 02, 2014

Me-Made-May - last recap

Here is the second and final post for the
Me-Made-May 2014
the first half of the month is here

Row 1 - Red Burda Pants, Dolman top , Stripe Dress
Row 2 - stripe tank, Woven Scout T-shirt, Shirt and Skirt
Row 3 - oops repeat (didn't want to redo the collage!), denim shirt. Print-mix shirt

Let's do columns with this one
Column 1 - Archer shirt (repeat), worked in the yard all day, so flannel pj pants not blogged and never will be!, Simplicity top (forgot about a picture until too late, so picture on the floor at the end of the day)
Column 2 - Simplicity dress (part 1 of Sunday), Simplicity jacket
Column 3 - Maxi Dress (part 2 of Sunday), Top and Skirt

Day 30 - Sunshine top just completed and will be blogged this week
 And then day 31, Renfrew top again and a merry-go-ride with the Little Guy, he loved the horses.  And I love him.

What I found from this experience.  I need to make some more separates.  A few tops not from knits, a basic pant or two, sleeveless tops for hot days and when I do make anything, check and see how well it goes with items in my closet.

I did eliminate things in my closet, more on that later.

All in all I did really enjoy participating in MMM 2014, although I did miss some of my favorite RTW garments!  The month long challenge is a great way to evaluate your sewn wardrobe. At the beginning, my daughters thought I was crazy with all those selfie pics on Instagram.  What are you doing, Mom?  When I explained what was going on, it was okay I was posting pics of me!

Oh, yes, don't forget the Anniversary giveway and leave a comment to be entered.


  1. Enjoyed seeing your MMM outfits. Yes I think I need to do a little more wardrobe planning with my sewing - maybe plan out something for Fall. Funny how we have to explain ourselves to our daughters or they think we are losing it!LOL

    1. Thanks, Joen, those daughters watch us all the time!

  2. MMM is a crazy busy month and you've made a great splash this year. I bet you'll have the 'gap clothes' made up in no time:)

    1. It is a busy month and you had such a fabulous month. I am trying to get in a rhythm of summertime and sewing.

  3. You have done an amazing job Lori!

  4. I can't imagine that you need anything else! Lol. You've made a lot of fabulous pieces. It's great that this process gave you insight into your wardrobe. Sounds like something I too could benefit from. You've definitely got skills. Nice work!

    1. Love that "sunshine top" facial expression!