Friday, April 18, 2014


I have been doing quite a bit of sewing, mostly quilts.

As my stash of baby quilts for gifts is down to one, I made 3 baby quilts.  They are all at the longarm quilters, so pictures when I get them back.

My friend's quilt shop is starting to do Saturday morning workshops.  I told Meredith (my friend and namesake for my Meredith) I would teach a workshop.

For Easter, I get the kids candy and a little something else.  I think at their ages, they are past the baskets :), so I bought brown bags.  Using my Silhouette, I added their names and a bit of cutesy Easter.  One thing for sure, I overestimated the size of the bags!

Lastly,  the cabinets are all painted and just waiting for the cabinet maker to install the shelves and trim

I love the new look and cannot wait to see it all done.  

I am heading out to work on moving mulch and rock today.  

On the sewing table, Archer gingham shirt, which has been cut out forever.  

And this time next week, I will be hanging out with Lynne of Wonderfully Made, I am so excited to spend a few days with her.  Checking out at her shop Ellen J Goods, shopping, talking sewing and eating.  Sounds like a perfect long weekend to me!

Happy Easter!


  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Wow, you've been such a busy bee! I'm loving the new cabinets- the room looks so bright and airy! Wonderful! Have a great time with Lynne! I've loved her blog for a long time. She seems like such a fun person! Now I'd better go... it just sank in this morning that I'm hosting 10 people for Easter in 48 hours and I haven't done a lick of shopping or cooking! Eek!

    1. Thanks, Ginger, hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! I'm doing Easter bags this year too! Getting smarter as I get older...can't wait to see your blouse. I have a button hole phobia that I really need to overcome.

    1. Oh, Joen, buttonholes are a bit scary, you are right. Just practice lots, that helps. Also, snaps are a nice alternative. We are getting smarter and my kids liked the bags. We still hid them!