Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Block of the Month Sampler

Almost a year ago, three of us started a quilt club through my local quilt shop.  I cannot express how much I enjoy this group.  Once a month we have a meeting, with a program, show and tell and food!  One thing we started at the second month was  a Block of the Month Sampler.  The purpose of this was to learn new techniques, including paper piecing, English paper piecing (hexagons), applique, to name a few.

We were to purchase 5 yards of the background fabric and each month we would be presented 2 blocks to finish before the next meeting, which are all 16" blocks.  All the other fabrics were fat quarters we added as we went along.

I was in charge of 6 blocks.

  • the two on the left in the top row
  • 1 and 3 in row 2
  • block 2 in row 3
  • block 1 in row 4
The dresden plate came from a tutorial by 
The applique block is based on this tutorial on Moda Bake Shop
The other 4 blocks, I found ideas on the internet and scaled them block for the 16" size.

I will share some detail pictures. fun and bright blocks on this row

The block in the top middle is called Circle of Geese and it is paper piecing

Flying geese and a tutorial that is just amazing. How do people figure these things out? I am not sure but so happy they do, because I love learning the new technqiues.

log cabin paper piecing

The quilting is circles, I knew I wanted geometric design, circles seemed appropriate with the polka dot background.

Now a bit of confession time, I selected the polka dot background on a whim, it isn't my colors I usually select but I thought why not.  While I was making this quilt, I did not like it at all, the colors were too bright, too much purple, too much not me.

That changed the minute I had all the blocks set together, I went from dislike to love!  I just love this quilt and why?  Well, the colors drew me in when it became a quilt.

One more thing, the bottom right block was my last block.  I made a mistake and some of my pieces are reversed.  I had used every bit of fabric I had for this quilt and I was fine with the "new design".

Finished size is 64 x  80

I want to express my gratitude for all the wonderful comments on my blog posts.  I appreciate your kind words and the time to make these comments.  I reply to each comment, so if you had a question, I have replied right after your comment.  Also, Meredith was thrilled with your comments, thanks so much!


  1. Lovely quilt, great colors!

    1. Thanks, Bunny, it was such a pleasant surprise.

  2. Another beautiful quilt. Don't you love when you take a "risk" on a fabric or pattern, and you end up loving the end result? I think it stretches our creativity and helps us grow. Enjoy your new quilt!

    1. Yes, Lisa, this was a risk but I love it so much. thanks so much.

  3. So bright and cheery....it would be a happy morning to wake up under that quilt!

    1. Thanks Patty, it is a fun quilt but only lap size! :)