Wednesday, March 05, 2014


It has been busy here at my house, sewing mvoing, painting and family.  I just thought I would do a little update and WARNING ..... it is a long update.

As you know we celebrated the little guy's first birthday,

He loves his new car from Aunt Paige and Uncle Jesse (we laugh at this, like Full House).
  I also wanted to show you a picture of my hubby, Mike, he doesn't make an appearance here very often.

He did not like his cake at all

Kaitlyn and Meredith made this cute cake for his party.  They found the how-to through Pinterest.

I just finished a Butterick 5526 Blouse

 from  Mood Fabrics' this lightweight suiting

Which I had ordered to make a blazer but it is much too light for that.  A blouse is perfect and I found the antique gold buttons, they looks fabulous - pictures soon.

In the sewing room, I purchased another table from Joann's this one is for Meredith.  I used a 50% off coupon and it was $75, well worth it.  One cutting table was just too crowded with two people sewing and Meredith usually had a quilt laid out for piecing.

Erin, Chris and the little guy moved into their new home last week.  They moved in with us on  July 27th and moved out February 27th.  None of us could believe it had been 7 months and I know it was wonderful to see the little guy each day.

Since they moved out I have been putting things back in  rooms and closets and working on a project.  Mike rolled his eyes, but I told him it has been 7 months with no painting or projects around here.

The project....I have this wall of built-ins in the family room and that is the focus of my project.  I thought I had taken a picture of the built-ins last week but I cannot find it.  Here is one I found on the blog from several years ago and many changes in the room.  It at least gives you an idea

We took down the corner cabinets, a friend made new bookshelves and a frame to mount the television above the mantle.  Then I am painting all the cabinetry.

Here is a during and I cannot tell you how much brighter it is in my room.  This is going to take sometime to complete but it will be worth it.

Primer only on the cabinets
I want to say thanks to Carolyn at
 Diary of a Sewing Fanatic
 and all her hard work.  She had a blog post titled "My Top Ten Sewing Blogs"
and asked for comments on your picks.

She then worked extremely hard from the comments and compiled
"Your Top Ten Sewing Blogs"
 and wow what a list.

Then she added one more post
"Honorable Mention Sewing Blogs"
which I am excited to say, Girls in the Garden made this list.

Isn't it amazing how many sewing blogs there are out there?  I just love finding new ones to add to my list.  So take a look at all three of these posts, you will find some great sewing blogs.


Then I received an email from bloglovin, which read

Girls in the Garden just
 reached 800 followers!

I can't believe I am over 800 on bloglovin' and I checked Feedly - 483 there.  Thanks so much for subscribing, I really appreciate it.

I would love to know how you found my blog, so If you could leave a comment.

Also, don't forget the Quilt Giveaway post, I am celebrating my upcoming 8 years of blogging (started in August 2006) with a giveaway a month through August.

The quilt is the current giveway and the drawing will be March 10th.

Okay, I think I have covered it all.


  1. Busy busy indeed! :)

  2. Sweet little guy! I found you blog from your podcast after searching iTunes for sewing related podcasts to listen to while commuting.

  3. Wow - you have been busy! Happy belated birthday to little guy and congrats to Meredith on her new cutting table and to you on reaching the 800 mark! I've been sewing for almost a year and a half and I found your blog sometime last year through the Mood Sewing Network posts. I hope you post pictures when your family room project is done. After way too long, my husband and I are finally getting around to making a covered headboard this weekend.

  4. First - your blog deserves to be on one of the lists! I kept going because I really didn't want to leave anyone off...this way everyone is mentioned and we all find a lot of new sewing blogs to follow!

    Second - congrats on the 800 followers. I know how amazing it feels to realize that so many people are interested in what you sew and write.

    Third - I'm in awe of the new project! I'm sure it's going to be amazing when it's done.

  5. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Congratulations on making it on the blog list. I think that I found your blog on another blogger's blog roll. I look forward to seeing your upcoming home improvement and sewing projects.

  6. Your grandson is adorable in his new car. :) I enjoyed reading your update. Life just gets busier every day, doesn't it?

  7. That John Deere cake is precious! Sorry the little guy did not like it.

  8. I have been following your blog from the beginning after we all changed over from the quiltropolis lists ...sew4kidsforfub...etc. I always enjoyed seeing your sewing projects and seeing changes in your additions...etc. I have a blog or I should say I started one but never seem to add to it even though I sew a lot. So please keep posting.

  9. I found your blog while looking for sewing podcasts. I love the princess seam version of that pattern.

  10. I found your blog via

  11. Hi Lorrie!
    I haven't commented in loooonnngg time, but have been checking regularly. Your grandson is adorable and you definitely should be on the top 10 list of blogs. Your blog is great! I can't wait to see your family room update. I know it will be worth all the work it takes. Thanks for blogging!

  12. Can't remember how I found your blog...but I know I have been following along for quite some time. Can't wait to see your next sewing project as well as your room transformation as my oldest daughter just moved out so I have remodeling ideas rolling around in my head too! Congrats on your Honorable Mention, but you are one of my top 10!

  13. I just found your blog on Carolyn's "Honorable Mention"list and am now following it on Bloglovin. I live in NW Arkansas so can relate to your weather! I also relate to your style aesthetic, as I'm just retired but determined to not become a bum as far as dressing. I don't make all my clothing by far, having a 12 yr old granddaughter to sew for and my DH and I are now RV travelers. I sew for the enjoyment of the process, the beautiful fabrics, and better fit. I, too, like to take classes and am fortunate that Linda Lee of The Sewing Workshop makes her second home near me and holds yearly workshops! She is bring her team to Eureka Springs in April. Last year, she and Louise Cutting were here. Lovely ladies, and a wealth of info. I really look forward to reading your blog! Kathy

  14. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Wow! So much is going on over there. And I thought I was busy! I can't wait to see who wins that quilt. I love it, but I already have my very own Lori original proudly displayed in my house. It's just perfect for my new baby girl. Thank you Lori!

  15. I Love seeing all the projects you are working on! I found your blog thru the Mood Sewing Network and am now following on BlogLovin. I am getting back into sewing after far too many years away from it. And loving every minute! Congratulations on making Carolyn's list!

  16. You must love to keep busy! You and your husband are so young looking to be grandparents.
    The painted cabinets will be a nice change.
    Can't remember how I found your blog, I've been following a good while. Maybe PR?

  17. Wow lots of changes going on for you. The family room is going to look amazing I'm sure. I think I've been following you for about 4-5 years. The twins were in 9th grade, I think. I found you through blogger by hitting there next blog button of all things. The little guy is sure growing fast.