Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kwik Sew 3145

Time for some sewing for my grandson, he is getting so big and growing out of everything.  I used Kwik Sew 3145

I used this fabric from The Fabric Fairy  it is 100% poly microfiber recommended for board shorts, jackets, swim trunks and jacket linings.  I thought it would be great for a summer pair of bib overalls, nice a cool but some protection from the sun.

I used the 3-6 month size and the pattern went together so smoothly.

I use to make lots of bib overalls for the twins from the time they were 3 until about 7.  I knew the steps and was familiar with the construction but working with plaid was a new one.

I decided to cut out the main pattern pieces, matching the side seams.  I also remembered something from the Great British Sewing Bee, May stated how important it was to keep the pattern the same down the center front.  I tried to do this with the bib, the waistband and the pants

I have a marking pen which when ironed disappears, found it at my local  quilt shop, Material Girl Quilt Shop, this came in quite handy to help me with the plaid matching.  Once I was ready for a pocket piece, I placed that pocket pattern piece on the pants and marked the plaid pattern.

Then I take that pattern piece, move it over to my fabric, line up the markings and cut out the pocket.  After that, put the iron on the pattern piece and the lines disappear.

Here is the pocket during construction:

Next was following the pattern instructions, excellent, thank you Kwik Sew

Back view:

Back pockets, a bit hard to see, I omitted the plier pocket.

Now the front.  The label is 13 years old at least.  I was on this sewing list called Sew4Kids through quiltropolis and someone shared the link to this site in Australia, Lamington Labels.  I bought several of these cute labels.  Always thought it made the clothes look more RTW. I cannot find them online and wish I could.  Anyone know a source for something like this?

Pockets, side snaps

 The inside snaps, once again the KAM press is awesome!

 Had to put another label in these:

One thing make sure the straps measure 1-1/4" so the buckles will fit.  I had to do some unsewing as my straps were too wide for the buckles.

I did have to put some fabric behind the buttons for the buckles.  The fabric was just too thin and needed some thickness to support the buckles.

The little guy is growing like crazy, so I told Erin to put him in these quick, I want him to have a few wearings before they are too small.

Here is the little guy in the cars onsie - his mom said make the next size if you do more


  1. Cute overalls! Babies do grow so fast. You have to sew fast to keep up! Sweet baby. What a blessing.

  2. Super cute and superb job matching all that plaid!

  3. What adorable overalls! You paid such attention to detail and it was worth the effort. Love the label, but sadly I don't know of any place to buy them at currently. If I find out, I'll be sure to let you know. Your darling grandson is getting so big!

  4. What a great job on the plaid matching. Love the label too. He is such a cute little guy!

  5. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Awww, he is so cute! Those overalls are adorable!

  6. They are really well done. I love when all my plaids match up. I bought some of that fabric but haven't made it up yet. It has a funny feel and hand. Curious to see how it sews up. Looks like it worked great for you.

  7. Cute! These are adorable, I really love that plaid fabric for a pair of overalls. I've never thought to use a marking pen to match plaids but that is genius! I'm definitely going to have to remember that next time.

  8. Awesome plaid matching. What a lucky grandbaby.

  9. Awesome plaid matching. What a lucky grandbaby.

  10. they looks wonderful and your fabric matching paid off.

  11. He is so adorable - and the overalls are precious. Can you believe how easy the snaps are now?

  12. Too cute--baby and overalls!

  13. I used to have some of those same labels. I loved using them when my son was little! Thank you for reminding me. Love the overalls. Great job matching the plaid.