Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hot Patterns–Annisette Dress and Top Modified

First enter this pattern, Megan Nielsen’s Rie Dress pattern, another one Erin liked.

I really like her patterns but started thinking about patterns I had and this one popped into my head.

I have made this pattern before, check out August 25, 2008 blog post
The changes, cut up the side seams to below the bust area, hinged it about 2 inches. I curved the hem to allow for the pregnancy belly.
Then I  set the pattern 2” from the fold to add gathers and room for the front dress piece.  Thanks, Carolyn for the suggestion.
The fabric is from the previous post but I used the reverse side to change the look.
Here is all the pictures:
This picture doesn’t look very flattering, it is cuter in person
Hot patterns dress

Back yoke:
back yoke
front yoke:
front yoke
This was an easy way to change this pattern and save me a bit of money

Carolyn asked about all her pants and skirts.  Erin does not wear too many skirts, goes with the ease of dresses.  Pants – she bought 2 pair of pants at Marshall’s for $17.  I then I used this tutorial.  It worked perfectly.  All the knit fabric was lycra ribbing from Needle Nook.
She liked the pants so much, I did 4 pair of jeans for her too.
Thanks for all the kind comments on the senior pictures, I think all my girls are so gorgeous.  Tonight was Senior night for softball, the last regular season home game. I had a few tears in my eyes.


  1. Thanks Lori - you've brought me back to earth. I have (exaggerating) millions of patterns in my stash and tons of magazine, yet feel the need to buy new patterns because they entice me so sweetly. My only excuse now is that I want to support independent designers :) I value the fact that you took the time to adjust a previously owned pattern to look like the one that almost entered your cart. Also I must confess, it's nice to ready different instruction. It is so helpful to get a different perspective, everyone has a different way of explaining things. I really love your color choice for this tunic and the fabric weight looks well balanced for the fall and early spring.

  2. Your productivity is amazing and your daughter is one lucky girl to have a mom making all this stuff for her. In my family we have big dreams, but sometimes poor follow through. I'm glad you have both liked the Megan Nielsen patterns. If we have another child there are a couple I am eager to try. And this post has some really good information for regular pattern alteration I need to remember.

  3. me encantan estos vestidos tan sencillos y supercĂłmodos, con unos accesorios, quedan fenomenal