Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekender Bag–Yes, Again

Not sure which number this is, I think #7.  In my earlier tally, I forgot about my first Weekender,  made for Paige while she was in college.  I cheated and did not put in Peltex, needless to say it wasn’t that impressive
This one is for a friend, she did something very sweet for Jesse and I wanted to say Thank You!
The above picture was in the direct sunlight and maybe a bit too bright.  Here is one from the shade:
sweetwater weekender

Then with the scraps I made her the Alice Book Bag

Sweetwater bag

Now for the set:

I have found 30” non-separating zippers at Purl Soho in many colors.  That was a great find and it will be so much easier to order online than driving all around to find maybe a black and tan!


  1. You've become a one woman bag making factory, lol!
    All the bags have been gorgeous, this one included of course.

  2. I have made these bags as well and they are so great. I have embroidered names on them to make them extra special. Thanks for sharing the zipper source...I too have had to settle for either white, black or tan!! Love all of your variations and colors!

  3. Another great Weekender! I really need to get this pattern and make one for myself. Thanks for the zipper source.

  4. Wonderful bag! That print is so cute.

  5. they are very beautiful and I think it is a very good gift tbh. nice and useable with a personal touch :-)

  6. What a great gift! Both bags are beautiful and I love the fabric!

  7. Lori, You make such lovely bags. You are inspiring me to make some with the bags of remnants that are accumulating in my storage room.

  8. What a practical and adorable set for your friend!

  9. What a great gift! That looks fantastic!