Sunday, June 03, 2012

Hoot-n-Nanny Tote by Two Peas in a Pod

This one is for Meredith, she saw the pattern and liked the graphic owl on a bag.
Description: A modern and fun twist on the classic bucket tote. Patchwork and applique techniques make this tote stand out!
Finished size: 13.5″w x 8″ (excluding handles)
Instructions:  This would be a great pattern for a newbie sewer or new to bag sewing.  Great instructions, many photos and an easy bag to construct.
Fabric: osnaburg  for the base with quilting cotton scraps
Changes:   The instructions have you cut your scraps into 3-3/4” strips for the border of the bag and 4” for the handles.  It would be easier to cut them all at the 4”, having a nice assortment of scraps for the border and handles.  Seemed silly to me to have scraps with a 1/4” difference.
I also shortened the handles, pattern called for 28”, I used 22” handles.
Conclusion:  Cute and quick bag with a fun applique.  I enjoyed using some of my scraps for this bag.  The owl applique was a fun addition to a basic bag pattern but not sure I needed to invest in the pattern for a very basic bag.  The most important part, Meredith is thrilled with her new bag and that is all that matters.
owl purse

You have probably noticed, no fashion sewing here.  I have a backlog of purses to complete plus I really need to fashion fabric shop. My stash is low, just few of pieces and I am not too inspired by those right now.


  1. That bag is a "hoot"! Cute. And always a plus when our kids like something we make for them. I recently made a bag out of men's suit jackets that my daughter fell in love with. I gave it to her. Now I have to shop for more jackets to make one for myself!

  2. Cute! Very, very cute!

  3. Oh my teenage daughter the owl fanatic would love this one! Yours is very cute, you did a great job!

  4. Another cute bag.....!

  5. Turned out cute! (and noted on the scrap size difference...good point!)