Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wardrobe Planning

I like to record The Nate Berkus Show and then watch the episodes when I have time.  Yesterday
(1-13-12), had a great segment on your wardrobe. 20 Cheap Chic Winter Looks.  The host of this segment, Lilliana (Cheap Chica) said you start with your basics and here they are (copied from Nate Berkus website)

Basic Wardrobe Must-Haves

Let's start with the basics. Before you're ready to create a month of looks, check your closet to make sure your have Lilliana's list of eight must-have wardrobe essentials. And if you're missing any items, we've listed where you can find each item at an affordable price!

Slim Black Pants (Kohl's - $28.80)

Dark Skinny Jeans (Gap - $49)

White Button Down (Old Navy - $26.50)

Black Turtleneck (JC Penney - $19.99)

Camel Skirt (JC Penney - $47.92)

Black Dress (Target - $29.69)

Tie Waist Sweater (JC Penney - $29.99)

Puffy Vest (Forever 21 - $22)

Faux Fur Vest (JC Penney - $29)

Riding Boot (DSW - $109)

Black Patent Pumps (Target - $24.99)

Tights - No nude hose - try textured or patterned. (Charlotte Russe - $6.50)

Then you add these items for less than $200

Go to Lilliana's site for links to purchase these items 
Then take these new 8 items with the must-have basics and you get 30 days of outfits

Source The Nate Berkus show

Some of these items might not what you or I want in our wardrobe but it was a great visual concept to see how to get the most out of our wardrobe and our sewing.  Makes me thnk about my garments in an entire new way.

You can head to the Nate link above and check out each outfit.


  1. Love these kinds of wardrobe planning things...Now, if I could only stick to them! I find I want too many things!

  2. Should we have a Basic Wardrobe sew-along?

  3. I think a sew along is a GREAT idea! I'm missing quite a few items on the must-have list. I've always wanted to have a plan for my wardrobe.

  4. How clever!!! And I would definitely be in on a Basic Wardrobe sew-along. Well worth the effort...

  5. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Cool post. Fun thing is that many of these pieces could be sewn.

  6. I watched that Nate show....and like you I save them up on the DVR to watch when I have time! My son teases me that I take up too much DVR space "with all those 'Nate' shows!" LOL
    Great ideas on expanding our wardrobes to get the most wearability.