Sunday, January 15, 2012

Basic Wardrobe Sewalong

After my Wardrobe planning post on Saturday, I had a few comments and emails about a Basic Wardrobe Sewalong.  This is a great ideas, so I thought I would put the idea out there and get this sewalong started.

Here is the list from via The Nate Berkus Show  of 12 items for the winter must haves in your wardrobe

1. Slim Black Pants (on the segment they called these ponte pants)
2. Dark Skinny Jeans
3. White button shirt
4. Black turtleneck\
5.Camel - khaki skirt
6.Tie Waist Sweater
7. Puffy Vest
8. Faux Fur Vest\
9. Black Dress
10. Riding Boot
11. Black patent pumps
12. tights

Now we cannot sew 10, 11 and 12 but we can sew the first 9, so let's get started with those items.

Today, go into your closet.  See what items you do and don't have from these 8 basic wardrobe garments.  If you do have a white shirt, is it time to make another one?  Do you need a second one? 

My plan is post through the list with pattern suggestions and fabric suggestions.  Feel free in the comments to add other pattern suggestions.  If we get through this and are having fun maybe we will move onto the other items to add to your basic wardrobe for 30 days of mix and match outfits.

Post a comment if you are interested in doing this, post on your blog and link back to this post so others can participate and let's get our basic wardrobes updated  and ready!


  1. Except for the camel skirt, none of those clothing items do me any favors. But I'll be watching from the sidelines. :-)

  2. Count me in.....sounds like fun and will make for more productive wardrobe sewing for me!

  3. If I wasn't already knee deep in the stash contest, I'd be in too. I'll love watching what you recommend.

  4. Count me in. Maybe this will help me overcome the fear factor related to sewing a blouse and non-elastic waist pants. I can definitely use a wardrobe revamp that provides some mileage!

  5. I'm in, but I've been teaching for 10 years and have lots of the pieces listed already. at a new school that is more casual and need a few different pieces. Don't have a blog, but will keep up by e-mail.

  6. Oh my gosh! Lori! I just responded to you email with some ideas! Let's get it done!

  7. I'm not sure I could pull off a lot of these items (as far as body type) but it's worth trying.

  8. There is always room for another white shirt in my wardrobe...I will be in and out of this sewalong (out for the jeans - way out of my sewing league at this stage of the game)...

  9. This is a great idea! I really enjoyed the initial wardrobe post and am glad to see this follow up. Is it unthinkable to do a spring one as well or instead of? Due to the extensive travel in my life (and, OK, my general pokiness :), I have to really plan ahead and am already planning things for spring. Just a though. Keep up the great work--I listen to one of your podcasts almost everyday here in Mongolia!

  10. Of all that is listed, I only have the puffy vest ( a hand-me-down from my daughter!) and the boots. My skinny jeans are a lighter wash. I so need the rest of the the items... Count me in!

  11. I'm going to informally follow along. I have 8 other items cut out that I really should be sewing but I love this idea! I have a pair of black "ponte" pants now but could always use another and I already have the fabric. I'll check my patterns this weekend to see if I have one to use.

    I am finishing up a pair of camel wool pants and have about a yard left that I'm hoping I can squeak a pencil skirt out of for # 5. I also have black denim and have been wanting to make a pair of jeans so # 2 is a good idea, too!

    I have several sweater knits and two wrap sweater patterns that I intended to make (i.e. #6)

    As you said, we can always use another white blouse. They never last long for me - I either stain them or they start to look dingy. I have that shirred placket blouse pattern (the one that you really like and made last year) and have it cut out in red but a white version would be great.

    I have plenty of black turtlenecks and black dresses so I won't do those.

    Not sure about the two vests but I'll keep my mind open!

  12. I thought I had commented, but I don't see it here... Can't find my glasses, either!
    I'm joining in, and went to Joann's this morning and bought some ponte. But, now that I have it home, I'm not sure if I'll make the pants or the dress with it.
    I've started a Pinterest board, too.
    I'm really looking forward to this!

  13. Late as usual coming to your site, but I will start with the basic black pants. I have not sewn in a very long time!

  14. Hi Lori, what a fun idea! Girls getting together to plan and make their season wardrobes. You really are an inspiration. Just made some Ponte Roma Pants, and I think a white shirt sounds good. Does anyone have good pattern ideas for the tie waist sweater?

  15. I'm joining! I know it is a bit late but you can never have too many wardrobe basics :)

  16. I'm with Knitcognito. I have been looking for a pattern for a tie waist sweater for weeks now. Or a bolero which ties under the bust.

  17. I know I'm way late to the game, but there's a GREAT tie-waist sweater pattern from New Look. It has a shawl collar and is part of a "wardrobe" pattern. I love that pattern!

  18. Actually you can sew number 12! Jalie has good tights patterns and La Mia Boutique has done them a couple of times as well. I prefer the Jalie version because its one piece with two seams essentially..

  19. I don't know who Nate is, but his idea of "must have" is wayyyyyy off from anything that would ever look good on me. I don't do skinny anything.

  20. I would like to follow although not sure how many things I would sew - will it just be in your blog postings?

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