Sunday, January 29, 2012

Black Ponte Pants - Progress Report

It has been a week since the official start of the Wardrobe Basic Sewalong and the big question - How are your pants coming along?

Well, my order from Fabric Mart arrived Thursday but alas, no black ponte.  I had my red ponte, gray ponte and white shirting but the invoice had a big SOLD OUT by the black ponte.  GRRRRR. 

So a quick call to Anne at Needle Nook and my black ponte arrived on Saturday, which Anne called Scuba Knit.

I have my patterns narrowed down to two:

Any thoughts on my patterns?

Also, leave comments on how your pants are coming along.


  1. Still working on my dress. I am hoping to give it some time tomorrow. I'll be doing the black pants next, I hope, if I can find some thick enough knit.

  2. I like the Threads pattern. Nicer silhouette, straighter leg. More versatile addition to your basic wardrobe.

  3. I've got my pointe now, but I need to finish off a couple of ufo's before I can get going.

    One thing about sewing in a family dining room that we use at least three days a week: I have to be organised and I don't have space for ufos!

  4. I think the Threads pattern is more versitle look.

  5. Love the threads pattern, too. As for me? I am doing gray pants...
    all cut out.
    what ez
    xactly is scuba knit? And do I want some????

  6. I love Fabric Mart, but it always seems to be the fabric that I really am looking forward to that they run out of. I hope your replacement fabric arrives soon! I like the Threads pattern, too. The Simplicity one even shows that skinny model's lumps and bumps!
    As for progress, I am excited to say I finished my pants and am wearing them NOW! I love them!! I blogged about them this morning.

  7. 2919 is my vote. I liked it when I first saw it and I would love to see how yours turns out.

  8. I'm loving the Threads pattern as well. I haven't sewn a stitch yet. I have pulled fabrics from the stash. That's half of the challenge!

  9. My vote if for the Threads pattern. I am not sure about the waist treatment on the Simplicity pattern. It seems simple design lines look better with ponte.
    Also, can I get still get involved with the "sew along"?

  10. Jodie's sew along update...remember I'm blog-less

    Denim pencil skirt is done and has been worn. Will figure out how to share pics somehow. Am done report cards and finals (YEA!) and am about to jump into semester 2. EEK! (am a Home Economics teacher at an inner city school in Edmonton, Alberta)
    Long denim skirt is in progress with time out for report cards, etc. Hope to finish it up this weekend.
    My plan is to hit Fabricland for some knit for my cardi next...
    Happy sewing, Ladies!

  11. My pants are in progress (Burda 05-2011-116) and I should be ready to fit them soon. Question: why didn't you use ponte from JoAnn's when Fabric Mart didn't come through? Is it not such a good fabric?

  12. I have just completed my Ponte Pants using Style Arc's Elle Pants Pattern. Having so much fun with this Sew Along.

  13. The Threads one is my favourite. Glad Ann came up trumps with your replacement fabric :)