Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Vacation

Our vacation was to Niagra Falls area and you talk about a beautiful area.

We enjoyed the falls:
American Falls

Canadian Falls
Our family at the falls
We also visited the Niagra Botanical Gardens, this was so amazing.

me in the garden

Mike and I in front of Niagra River

Meredith popping into the picture
Then we went to Fort Niagra that is around Lewiston, NY

Add lots of sightseeing around Niagra-on-the-Lake, watching ships go through the Welland Canal and taking a boat ride down the Erie Canal.

We finished our trip at Gettysburg, PA and toured the Battle of Gettysburg grounds

This is at the Soldier's Cementary, Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Just a wonderful trip with seeing part of this country I had never seen before and visiting Canada for the first time.


  1. Very beautiful! Very green! I want to send you a link toa free patterns. This site is in Russian? but if you like something? let me know. You can print this patterns at home and scoth them together

  2. Beautiful pics. Hard to believe your girls are so grown up!

  3. Hi Lori! We were just north of you in Toronto, which we loved. I'd love to see the Niagara area too one day. And I'm in Gettysburg all the time now, as my daughter attends Gettysburg College. Aren't the battlegrounds impressive?

  4. I love Niagara. It's magical. I want to go back one day, in the fall months when tourist season is over. I've heard they are beautiful in the winter, too.

  5. Glad that you had a lovely vacation.

  6. Beautiful pictures and a lovely place to visit.

  7. Beautiful photos. It's such a treat to have the Falls so close by. Glad you loved Gettysburg!