Friday, June 10, 2011

Pillow Swap

I am a member of the flickr group, The Pillow Talk Swap, and it is time for round 5, limited to 50 participants.  I got lucky and got my name in at member #48!  Yea.

The last few nights I have been working on a quilted pillow top, using this tutorial at Sew Mama Sew.  I really enjoyed making this spiderweb block and also was very happy it was only an 18" pillow top!  This block is very sewing, pressing and cutting intensive.

Each person involved puts up a mosiac of quilts and pillows they like.  My partner likes bright colors using star and spiderweb patterns.

Here is my pillow:

I participated in this swap in November 2010 and made a pillow that could be used with either the front or the back.  I wanted to do this again so here is the back:

I used some strips leftover from the front and made the back.  I work   we have a nice grommet setter (graphics business and we use the grommets for banners)and used that to set the grommets.  Much easier than my handheld grommet setter.  The ribbon is stitched to the lower piece, inserted through the grommets and tied.  My partner can flip the pillow if she wishes.

I hope my partner likes my pillow, I sure did have fun making it.


  1. Very pretty! I like the minty-greens. So fresh and inviting!

  2. So pretty! Those colours are my favourite. You did a great job, especially with the spiderweb and getting the right balance of colours and fabric prints.

  3. Beautiful pillow - such pretty colours. The closure is ingenious. Must try that one some time! Guess you could make a buttonhole instead of the grommet?

  4. Very pretty, and I'm sure your swap partner will love it! I used that spiderweb tutorial to make a small wallhanging using quilting scraps that I got via an online swap:

    very fun, and I hope to make a bed-sized quilt someday:-)

  5. What a gorgeous pillow! I had no idea that you were a quilter too! I haven't ventured into realm yet, but your pillow makes me want to.

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