Friday, April 22, 2011

Simplicity 2250

Description: Simple summer three quarter sleeve jacket.

Sizing: 6 to 22,

Instructions:  The construction of this jacket is pretty easy and the instructions were pretty straightforward.  I thought the infomation for the bias binding was nice.  They included a pattern piece for the binding so you could sew one seam and then cut a continuous strip.  I did not follow this method, just used the pattern piece for width and then cut my own strips then sewed the binding.

Likes/Dislikes: I initially purchased this pattern for the dress for my 16 year old daughter.  After looking over the pattern a bit more, I decided I needed a jacket from this pattern.  I liked the simple lines, the binding and the belt (which I did not make)

I also liked how the front facing covers the seam allowance (front and side front seam) to give a nice clean finish on the wrong side, hard to tell much detail in this picture:

Fabric: Seersucker

Changes:  No shoulder pads, added 1" to the length and used Steam-a-Seam II to hold the binding in place on the wrong side before stitching in the ditch.  My main change was to sew my underarm seam, then clip it 5" from the bottom of the seam.  I finished the top of the seam with my serger and the bottom 5" used a french seam, so I could roll up the sleeves.

French seam
Note the dart in the front of this jacket is very small so some alterations might be needed here

Conclusion: Very fun and quick jacket but stylish all the same.  The hardes part is applying the binding.


  1. You know I never ever noticed the jacket in the pattern! You've made a wonderful version and I especially love the binding cut on the bias. Did you make a tie to go with it?

  2. Great classic jacket. Hope the weather warms up soon so you can wear it!

  3. Your jacket turned out really nice. Love the seersucker.

  4. Yes, a very nice, lightweight, summer, jacket which could be styled many different ways!

  5. you will probably wear this one a lot because its so simple but yet so stylish, I love the fabric choice too

  6. Cute summer jacket, love it in seersucker.

  7. I love seersucker. It's so crisp, clean looking in the summer. Your jacket is wonderful!

  8. What a beautiful jacket. Seersucker is such a great choice of fabric for this style - the overall effect is very summery and stylish, i love it.

  9. Great summer jacket! I never would have even noticed this one and now I'm thinking I need something like this too.

  10. Hi,

    I'm making a jacket from a vintage pattern that is pretty much exactly like this, but my pattern instructions are missing, did yours mention interfacing? I think I would like to interface min but I'm not sure what method would be best.

    Thanks very much, this is such an awesome jacket :-)


    1. On my latest one, I interfaced the entire front, it was a loosely woven fabric and I felt it needed the structure. HTH and good luck.