Saturday, April 23, 2011

Craft Room ReDo

As our girls grow up and move out of the house for their own homes and careers, we are finding ourselves with more room.  My second oldest daughter has moved out and will graduate in May and has a job as a secondary math teacher in the fall.  She will be living in our town, which means her room did not have to remain a guest room.  I changed it into a craft room (mainly a scrapbooking room with hopes of the sewing area moving into this room someday).

I set it up temporarily and it was a mess in these pictures

The wall across from desk

bookcase wall


from door

The changes:
  1. New paint - Valspar Silver Leaf
  2. I made curtains from  quilting fabric
  3. wall art made from Silhouette, frames and old anitque piece
  4. Purchased a drop leaf table to expand my work area
  5. Updated a lamp shade
  6. Removed the carpeting, parquet floor underneath
  7. Added jars, baskets and more for storage
Here is the bookcase, this is my daughter's piece of furniture and will be moving to her classroom in the summer.  I plan on finding a bookcase to replace it, something a bit taller.
    Bookcase wall
     The parquet floor isn't in the best shape but so much better than the old carpet.  I used mop-n-glo floor wax (2 coats) and the floor looks much better.
    View from the doorway
    The glass L-shape desk was in Meredith's room but we moved it to this room and now we can both scrapbook and make cards with all the desk area.  One drop-leaf of the table is up and I can lift the other side for even more area. 
    Wider shot from the door
     I used some yellow quilting cotton and this tutorial from Dear Lillie to add some color to the room
    Corner of L-shape desk.  Vintage items for storage and updated lampshade.
     This storage piece was found at Sam's Club, I added vinyl so I would know the colors in each drawer. 
    Scrapbook storage
     My mom had this embroidered picture.  I made it for my Grandfather when I wasy 12 years old.  It is myself, my brother and my 5 other boy cousins, yes I was the only girl that generation. I erased the birthdates to protect our ages!!  I thought it a perfect addition to my craft room and so happy my mom kept it all the years, my grandfather has been gone 24 years.
    Picture I stitched many years ago
    I need to look at the flea markets for a few more jars for the ribbons but this is much better than all of them in one big basket.  Plus it looks nicer.
    Ribbon jars
     I bought this at a flea market and the yellow is just right for the room.
    vintage scale
     Used a vintage wooden piece (it was in the before picture) painted it yellow, added Dollar General frames with scrapbook paper, then the wording made from my Silhouette.  I plan on making a yellow and white quilt to hang on the ladder.
    wall opposite of the desk
I am so pleased with the transformation.  I find I am a much neater crafter since the room looks so much better and I have improved the storage.

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  1. Love the way it turned out!! Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Sarah

  2. You have creative decorating ideas! The room looks great. How nice to have room for your daughter to create with you.

  3. The room is looking very nice. That is a wonderful piece of embroidery you stitched for your grandfather!

  4. Your rooms continue to transform and it's tempting to switch my attention to home decoration.

  5. It looks beautiful! Isn't it nice to have a dedicated space where we can pursue our passions? I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter! :)