Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trim for my Chanel-Style Jacket

The fusing is complete (insert cheer here) and I have done a bit of sewing.  Next up the decisions on the trim, I am going to use self-fabric trim, probably two layers.  I thought I would do a bit of internet research first.  I found a great articleSusan Khalje article on the Threads site.  Also, Lindsay T shows using the trim for a faux sleeve vent, might need to use that one.

Threads has an article November 2005 #121, "Inside The Chanel Jacket" (this is just a link to the overview of the article).

Finally, the post has to have a picture, Chanel jacket, heavy fringe (NOTE- this is not my jacket but an actual Chanel jacket found on the web - credits under photo)
Photo from Kats Luxury
I am not making my fringe quite so thick and heavy.

Off to make fringe.


  1. Good luck with that jacket. I'm glad you posted that photo, because I absolutely love the fringe and and am going to save the picture for a reference. Thank you.

  2. Imagino que sua jaqueta ficará maravilhosa, esta imagem é inspiradora e tenho certesa que a sua não ficará devendo nada.
    Leio seu blog desde sempre e amo suas peças.


    Eilane - Brasil

  3. Sounds like you are having lots of fun with your Chanel jacket :-) I have been planning to make one for months now, and after I finish the buttonholes and buttons on the jacket living on my dressform, I think my Chanel will be next. Not sure if I will follow all the 'couture' steps tho..!

  4. Looking forward to see your Chanel jacket, fringes and all. What fabric are you using?

  5. Can't wait to see the final.

  6. Oh, I have to catch up! Lori, you really have been on the move with your jacket!