Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fusing Interfacing

I am working on my Cabi inspired (Chanel inspired) jacket and I am fusing interfacing.  It is hard to stay focused on this job, a very important job but not too exciting job.  I am itching to sit at the sewing machine to start construction.

Picture from Cabi site

But first a couple of tutorials I am using and thought I would share:
Pam Erny posted this one today (thanks so much Pam)
Spot Fusing vs. Block Fusing (January 25, 2011 entry)
and I am using this set of pictures from Ann Rowley's flickr set

Okay, back to the ironing board.

On a side note, Meredith is in a brace(4 to 6 weeks), fractured bone in her wrist, fell in a basketball game last night and fell onto her hand.


  1. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Hope Meredith is feeling better soon....and you finish that fusing soon as well. I never like fusing, even with my press, but I've never regretted doing more fusing rather than less.

  2. Poor Meredith! Fusing is never fun, however... My solution to the boredom is putting on some music (varies depending on mood), and somehow the whole process seems much less painful.

  3. Poor Meredith, I hope the time in a brace passes quickly. Your inspiration picture is gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing your jacket come together.

  4. Oh, poor Meredith! I hope she feels better soon! That really sucks! :(
    Have fun with your jacket! It's going to be beautiful. :)

  5. Hi Lori...you are very welcome for the tutorial.
    Thanks too for your "special" get-well wish...it really made my day :)

    And the best to Meredith...I hope she heals quickly!

  6. I'm happy to know about "spot fusing". I wish I'd known when I block-fused boucle for a jacket. Oh well, I know now! :)

  7. Ouch, Meredith! I look forward to seeing your jacket, Lori.

  8. Maxine3:25 PM

    So sorry to hear of Meredith's accident! I hope the time passes quickly for her and she's back up to speed soon. xx