Friday, January 21, 2011

Butterick 5525

Description: Close-fitting, pullover tops with neckline variations.  Long or below elbow length sleeves.

Sizing: 6 to 20

Instructions:  They are pretty good,

Likes/Dislikes:  All the different sleeve variations is the reason I purchased this top, then I go and make one with the basic sleeves, go figure.  I didn't like how wide the neckline was.  This might be in part due to the size I made.  I went up a size because my fabric is polyester but feels and acts like a rayon jersey.   I feel rayon jersey is a bit clingy and I didn't want the top clinging me.  I probably should have used my regular size in the shoulders and then graded a size bigger in the bust and waist and hips.

Changes:  I didn't like the pleating on the View C - the pleats are folded up, I changed this to fold them down.  Here is a close-up:

 Also, the neckline was very big on this shirt.  I knew I would not wear it as is and added some 1/8" elastic to the neckline.  The instructions have you turn in the neckline and stitch the hem.  This hem had a natural casing so I inserted the elastic to help draw in the neckline.  The front of the shirt has its own facing, so you are only hemming three sides, this leaves a small opening between the front and sleeve in the hem to insert the 1/8" elastic.  Make sense?
A picture of the neckline, you can see a bit of the gather

Fabric:  A jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics.  She has it available in a different colorway

Conclusion:  The shirt is bright, so I will probably always wear it with a cardigan or jacket but I do like the pattern and am anxious to try View D.

I finished  Jalie 2919 today and think the two look great together.  Here is original review for 2919 and orginal blogpost.

The fabric for this Jalie is a thin sweater knit from Joann's.  I bought all that was left, so I had to cut the collar band half the pattern width. 


  1. What a fabulous outfit! The top looks great paired with the Jalie cardi.

  2. I wondered how this fabric would work up, as I was attracted to it also. I really like it. Have fun wearing this one!

  3. Great fabric, I love the print. I tend to find that necklines like this are way too wide for me - your solution for pulling it in is an excellent idea. I love the Jalie cardigan.

  4. Gorgeous top Lori. That fabric is so cool. And it looks great with the cardigan. By the way, the photos from your new camera are great. Nice to see the close up details.

  5. I have this pattern too and just finished my first blouse from it using the yellow version. I actually altered the neckline to make it narrower. I'd also like to make it a little higher, it just barely covers my bra. I thought it sewed together fairly easily and does look good when finished.

    I really wanted to make the version you did. Now that I see yours and read how you altered it, I can't wait.

  6. Lori! you won't believe this...I just bought a top at Kohl's that looks just like this! The neckline is drawn up with drawstring ties in the front! So funny! I swear we are twins separated at birth!