Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kwik Sew 3395

Pattern Description: Empire waist dress or tunic

Sizing: XS to XL

Likes and Dislikes: My daughter, Meredith liked the style of the tunic top.  In fact, she had just tried on a RTW top in this style the day before but decided it was too pricey to purchase. The next day we went to Needle Nook fabric on our way home from vacation.  Meredith looked through the Kwik Sew pattern book and found this pattern, just the style she had wanted.  Another like, it looks just like the pattern envelope illustration, no surprises.  Meredith's dislike might be it is a bit big for her right now, so her twin, Kaitlyn gets to wear it first.  I made Meredith an XS size.

Fabric:  A beautiful stretch fabric from Needle Nook, it was a dream to sew.

Would you sew it again? yes, I would, it looks darling on my girls.  I think it would be a cute style for a Homecoming or Courtwarming dress.  Not sure they agree.

Recommend it to others?  Yes, another winner from Kwik Sew, it is easy to sew and the finished garment is stylish and trendy.

Conclusion: Great pattern, dream to sew and when your daughter wears it right away, you know that is good!


  1. It looks great on your dd. Of course, just about everything looks great on thin teenage girls, lol! I agree it could make a very pretty semiformal dress.

  2. She looks adorable. I remember when my oldest daughter was to thin for patterns and it was so hard to find her clothes. I also remember when I told it would be so much easier when she wore like a size 5 so we could find patterns and clothes to fit. She was so annoyed with me she said" I can't believe you think I'll ever be that big" ha ha now she's a size 12 and dreams of wearing a size 5. ha ha We do tend to change with time.

  3. The top look great on your DD. I think KwikSew patterns are under-appreciated. I get good results when I use them.

  4. This is gorgeous fabric - and I know this because I have some of it!! I was very excited to see the beautiful top you have made with it - I hope I can make something so good looking with my piece of fabric.

  5. Hey... I have that fabric too! It's so luxurious and looks great as a top!

  6. Annette5:37 PM

    What a cute top, and you're right - it looks great on your daughter. Oh, to be so cute (I never was cute but was young a long time ago!)

  7. Very cute and it looks great on her! I think we are done with tank weather here. It's getting a bit chilly now.