Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Anyone Else Want More Hours in a Day?

I am still working on Meredith's room.  Right now painting some of her furniture, it is one of those things that you know needs to be done but you don't know how badly it needs to be done until you start doing it.  I bought an ebook from Altar'd Furniture and it is fantastic.  I wanted to do the furniture painting the right way, not my usual let's get this done so I can move onto the next thing way!  I can honestly say the one piece I am working on looks beautiful, I can't wait to work on the bed. 

Hubby and I have been doing other maintenance type projects around the house and yard.  I am getting several things accomplished but I miss my sewing room.  To get my sewing fix, I am getting up at 5:30 (30 minutes early) to sew for that bit.  Working on a top for Meredith and if I can stop sewing the wrong side of the bodice to the right side of the lower front/back, it should be about done tomorrow!

I made a couple of purses in August and forgot to post the pictures.  So here they are

Anyone else with me, more hours in a day, please.


  1. Yes, more hours in a day for sure. It seems as though one should be able to accomplish more in one 24 hour period, but it just never seems to happen! Maybe a super-speed setting for ourselves? So that we can just work faster? :)

  2. I'm not going to ask for more hours in a day, just less work or fewer work days.

    Lori, your purses are wonderful. Thanks for posting them


  3. Great purse! Love the colors. I need more hours in a day and I need more energy. I'll place my order for both. LOL

  4. Oh yes, Mary Sarah took the words right out of my mouth, more hours and the energy to use them productively. Cute purses!

  5. Lovely purse. More hours in a day: yes, or no need for work/cleaning/laundry etc. Though on the other hand: less time spent on the computer for reading sewing related sites would help too. But they're too much fun.

  6. More hours in a day? Yes please! :)

    Those purses look lovely. I think those colours look great for fall!

  7. I wonder how many more hours could I squeeze in a day. I am usually up at 5:00am and retire to bed around 11:00pm. I love to squeeze in 30 mintues in the morning to craft on something... then off to work.