Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sewing for Friends and Last Day of Summer Vacation

School starts tomorrow and my girls will be Sophomores, hard to believe!  I have been sewing several things plus painting Meredith's bedroom.

I really thought I was finished making purses and totes but all of a sudden people are wanting to buy these big size totes.  I think girls are wanting them for their books and laptops.  Here is one I made this week:

She wanted a laptop sleeve to match and I used this wonderful tutorial.  Now asked me if the sleeve fit her laptop, well, I don't know, the measurements are for the laptop she is hoping to get! 

A friend of the girls wanted me to make her a bag, she would buy the fabric and pay me for my time.  I made this bag with some alterations.from this pattern.  I had some fabric leftover so we thought she needed a matching notebook.  The girls gave this to her for her birthday, she was thrilled.

Off to walk, pick-up the girls from softball and then sew a couple more bags.  I did make Meredith a sleeveless Jalie 2919, pictures soon, it is darling.


  1. Cute tote/bag/notebook! I really like how the blue-ish tote expands on the sides.

  2. You make such glorious bags! Every one is fresh and definitely eye candy!

  3. The bags are so cute. Love the notebook idea too! Can't wait to see the drapey vest.

  4. Those bags that you make are so much prettier than a backpack. I can see why people are buying them.

  5. How many hours do you sleep? Are there only 24 hours in your day too? I am always impressed with your output, quality, and well, style! I have no idea how you do it all, I want some of what ever it is!