Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Adding Color to My Bedroom

I have shown this picture before and at the time liked the look but now with summer I wanted brighter colors in my bedroom and something above the bed.  I couldn't get inspired to get it done until I got a few new pieces of fabric in the mail, the fabric was the perfect colors for my bedroom.

A couple of months ago, I had purchased some wool felt to make this pillow and made it first.  It is a great tutorial and the end result is beautiful.
I just added some basic pillows on each side and a couple of small round pillows from a pattern at Sew4Home, which is a great sewing site.  Here are the pillows on the bed

I took the old lamps

spray painted them Heirloom white and covered the lampshade with fabric for this result:

Now for the wall, I went to my attic and dug around. Found a picture frame and this platter
and sprayed painted them Heirloom White also.  Here is the result

I have been watching Sarah's House on HGTV and liked how she mixes and matches all the prints.  Plus, in the master bedroom, I liked the fabric band on the neutral curtains.

So I added a band on all my curtains, this area needs some work.  I am open to suggestions, a table between the chairs, maybe?  Like my tennis shoes on the floor!
a better view

Here is one more picture

I want to add more picture frames above the bed, but I am out of spray paint and you can't find that color in my town!  I worked on this project in the evenings and spray painted between all the rain we have been getting.

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  1. You garden, quilt and home dec impeccably-please don't tell me you enjoy cooking!!!!!

  2. I love the colors you used in your bedroom. I think a small table between the chairs would look great. I also might add a small pillow to each chair to match the ones on the bed. Bring those colors over there.

  3. Beautiful bedroom colours! I'm totally in love with mixing fabrics as well. Sarah's a great one to get inspired from, good choice! :)


  4. I love the colors and decor of your room. It's so peaceful.

  5. Love the new additions to your bedroom, it all looks so peaceful and inviting. Funny, I just saw the post for those round pillows and added it to my bookmarks, and here you have them made already!
    My two cents: I would slipcover the chairs to brighten them up some. :-)

  6. Beautiful transformations!

  7. I love what you've done with the room, Lori! I'm also glad to see someone else with shoes on the floor.

  8. It looks great. I love that gray blue color. I hope you can find the paint for more frames...I like your idea of adding more. Lisa~