Sunday, July 11, 2010

Favorite Spot

Here is my favorite spot of the week in my garden. 
 All of these plants blooming at once with such vibrant colors.

On the other side is a hydrangea, which was divided from a larger bush a couple of years ago.  I might have to move it over a bit, probably is going to crowd my climbing rose too much.

The twins have been at their oldest sister's house since Thursday night, so the house has been so empty.  I have gotten several things done with all the quiet:
  • recorded and uploaded a podcast
  • cleaned out several drawers and rearranged some kitchen cabinets
  • went shopping and had lunch with Erin on Saturday
  • had several friends out last night for swimming and food
  • spray painted the last of all my red accessories - hurray!
  • now heading to sew up a skirt for me

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