Friday, March 05, 2010

Fabric Anyone?

Fabric is all spoken for - thanks

Sometimes I buy fabric online and when it arrives, it just isn't me.  I put it in my fabric closet and think I will use it someday.   Someday isn't going to come on these three fabrics, yellow isn't a good color on me and the purple fabric is different than what I was expecting.

So if these are your colors and style, email me and that piece of fabric is yours.  The price, you ask, just the postage.

Each fabric is 2 yards.
This was from the Vera collection at  In the yellow/gold colorway

This is a lightweight suiting type fabric.  Yellow with navy and white stripes. close to Pantone 12-0826

Another one from the Vera collection  Pantone 15-3207 matches the background.

Just tell me yellow Vera, purple Vera or yellow stripe. 

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