Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Sewing and Crafts

I purchased an e-book from Kimba's blog, A Soft Place to Land and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Here are some projects that I have made so far:

I had this wreath made from years ago, it had a big bow (flat from storage a bit outdated). I decided to do some updated from Kimba's book. I tried the red and green ornaments, I didn't like the green plus I only had two green ones left.

So I used red ornaments instead:

I really like my new wreath.

Next up a pillow from Kimba's book. This is for my oldest daughter, married 5 months and Christmas decorating her home with her new husband for the first time. Exciting times, I can remember doing that 26 years ago. Recently, I purchased her a red and white table runner from Target. The pillow from Kimba's book goes so nicely with the table runner. I used a 20" pillow form and off-white felt.

Very cute pillow and she was thrilled.

The last picture shows some cone trees from Kimba's book, I made 2 sets of three trees. One for college daughter's apartment and this set for a dear friend. This was the only picture I had of these, so it will have to do.

It has been a whirlwind Thanksgiving weekend of family, food, Black Friday shopping, Christmas decorating, and cutting our tree but it has all been wonderful. Sometimes I miss when my kids were little but it sure is easier decorating with teenagers. I can take my time and really get the look I want, plus trips to get more supplies are so much easier!

So check out Kimba's book if you are needing holiday inspiration


  1. I love the green wreath on the red door,also the red pillow. I love this color,especially this time of year-is that "lacquer red"? Great DIY projects.

  2. You have a great eye for decorating. All of your ideas are beautiful.

  3. So Merry looking!

  4. The wreath looks great and like the snowflake pillow. I need to get Kimba's e-book - I could use some inspiration.. thanks.