Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pillows from P.B Inspiration

Have you seen these in Pottery Barn's catalog?

I heart these pillows and have embroidered all three for me except in blue thread for my bedroom. I need to pick up pillow forms for my set and finish them up over the weekend. I used osnaburg fabric on my pillows and it works out nicely. Here is a link to see this fabric but you can buy it at Wal-Mart and Joann's.

College daughter has her own apartment and this is the first time she is decorating her own place for the holidays. She purchased a blue sofa with 2 chairs in a very contempory print with brighter colors. The traditional reds and greens aren't her first choice for holiday decorating. I had decorator burlap leftover from recovering my window seats. It is perfect for these pillows. The look of burlap without the coarseness. I stitched out Peace and Joy, she really didn't care for Love, so she has one for each chair. For the handstitching look around the edge of the pillow, I used two strands of buttonhole twist. I marked a line with a water soluble marker 2" from the cut edge. Then followed the line with some longer handstitches. Quick and Easy project. The hard part is getting good pictures when it gets dark so quickly and Erin wants to take her pillows back to her apartment!

Here is peace:

Another view without my flash:

Now joy, sitting on my new chair in my bedroom. First its close-up:

Now without the zoom:

I finished my second wreath, now a nice pair on the mirrors. I did get a picture in the daylight for these, they looks so pretty.



  1. Love those pillows. The simplicity of them is lovely. Beautiful wreaths also.

  2. Very lovely pillows. I'm going to monogram some similar fabric for a pillow in my updated living room one of these days.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! The pillows are great and I love the wreaths!

  4. I love the pillows! I may have to check out the possibility of making some for our living room...very festive!

    Lynda in LV

  5. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Does anyone know if you can add a picture to a blog post?

    Thank you!

  6. Both the pillows and wreaths look great.

  7. I saw those pillows in the catalog too, and picked up some osnaburg fabric when I was in JoAnn last week. I might do some embroidery or monogramming on them when my machine gets back from the shop, but don't think it will be in a holiday theme. Love yours, and love the wreaths!

  8. Beautiful! Love the blue and silver

  9. Love the pillows -- I went directly into my sewing room and did one that said Peace. Tomorrow I get more pillow forms (or the stuffing) and make the rest. Thanks Lori


  10. These are just beautiful! Lucky girl your daughter! : )

  11. Those look better the PB! Great job! I love them!

  12. I love your pillows and your wreaths. So beautiful! You did a great job!

  13. designdreamer12:39 PM

    Love those pillows.
    The fabric is perfect!