Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diaper Bag for a Friend

A friend at work is having a baby girl next week. He said they have a black diaper bag and he was very happy carrying that one. Well, I thought his wife and baby girl needed a very girly-girl diaper bag. I used this tutorial and changed it up just a bit. I used one fabric for the front and a different one for the sides.

Here is the front:
The inside:
The sides with a pocket:
Another front view:
Kaitlyn said I needed to add a flower pin.


  1. That's a very girl, happy diaper bag! Nice job. I notice that young fathers are carrying camoflage print diaper bags.

  2. That is so lovely. What a nice gift.

  3. That's a gorgous diaper bag. I love the combination of fabrics. I'm sure that Mom and baby are going to love this beautiful gift.

  4. So pretty! Much nicer than the black one that the Dad wanted to carry!!

  5. What an adorable bag! You're so thoughtful!

  6. I love this diaper bag: I would love to make this pattern, not for a diaper bag but a yarn or project bag. Lori what would you do different to make it NOT look like a diaper bag however keeping all the lovely pockets ? Thanks for input