Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wore my Skirt to Church

Okay, here is my skirt on me. I need a new white blouse, this one is the shortest blouse ever, it will not stay tucked in for anything. I really like my skirt and it was fun to wear something new to church. My photographer took several photos but this is the only one I would put up on the blog. Half of my head is better than squinting eyes, goofy smile, etc.

Notice our cat is always around.

Today's wedding to-do list:

  • Powerwash concrete around pool

  • weed flowers

  • make a grocery list (I am cooking the meal for the sit-down dinner, with lots of help from friends, thank God for good friends)

  • Finish my rehearsel dress

  • Get Meredith to finish the table numbers. They will look a bit like this, with white cardstock, yellow flowers and aqua numbers, which are smaller, that is the size diecuts we have. Cute idea.


      1. Lovely summer skirt.

      2. That skirt looks awesome on you. Good luck with all the wedding preparations.

      3. The skirt is a perfect summer skirt - so cute on you.

      4. Cute skirt on you, I love seersucker for summer!!

      5. Karen4:51 PM

        The skirt looks smart on you! I wanted to make the skirt when I saw the pattern. I changed my mind after reading of your trouble with it. Now I want to make it again. :)

        Are you making the sit down dinner for the wedding???? YOu are a brave woman!

      6. Lori, the skirt looks great on you. Cute style. And wow, you are busy. I hope you got everything on your list finished. :)

      7. The skirt looks great!
        Thanks for bringing us along on your wedding-planning journey, I'm getting excited for the big day too :-) and take care of yourself so that you aren't too worn out to enjoy the celebration. That's one lucky daughter to have her whole family work to make this day so special!

      8. Loving that skirt on you! And don't worry if you need to take a break from blogging—we'll still be here!

      9. First, let me say that you are amazing. The thought and effort you are putting into your daughter's wedding is so wonderful, and I'm sure she is so thankful (and lucky!).

        I'm really excited to read about all of the wedding plans, especially as I plan my own in October. I cannot wait to see pictures and hear stories from the big day. Thank you so much for sharing all of the details with us!

        I love those flower arrangements!