Friday, June 05, 2009


First, some of my asiatic lilies are blooming. Gorgeous, IMHO.

Then a cute skirt using a charm pack of quitling fabric. I made it as a class sample, hoping to fill the class. I think it is darling. Here are the instructions for it Patchwork skirt

Then for me Simplicity 4020. I made it in sweater knit and after the first washing the sweater knit shrunk and the top was too short. Yes, I did prewash the fabric, a disappointment as I really liked the top and the sweater knit.


  1. That's a really cute skirt. I would think it would attract enough people for a class. I used to be a quilter, and miss putting together all those pretty prints and colors.

  2. Cute skirt and great top. I had the same thing happen on a recent top where it shrank a second time. Luckily I cut a deep hem allowance. I've learnt from past experience. :)

    Good luck with the wedding! Can't believe you still have time to sew.

  3. Wow are one busy lady !

    ...too bad about the top shrinking..have any short friends? In NY state? LOL ! j/k !

    Good luck with the wedding..I bet your sewing is helping to keep you (a little) calm.

    Your flowers are beautiful!

  4. Your asiatic lilies are breath taking!

    It sounds like you have been busy!

    Best of luck with the wedding!

  5. Love the asian lilies...mine are a few out from flowering, I think.

    So bad about that sweater knit...hate it when that happens! It was a cute top, too.

  6. The charm skirt is fabulous. Love it. It stinks your shirt shrunk. Know anybody short? Good luck with all your wedding plans. Ours turned out beautifully. Such a fun special day.