Saturday, June 06, 2009

June Burda

I ordered the June issue from Needle Nook Fabric and it arrived today. I traced and cut out #104 from a red and white seersucker in my stash.

I am anxious to start this but I will practice the welt pockets several times first.

Other things today
  • DD had one more bridal shower, it was so enjoyable and she is glowing with happiness
  • Altered some garments
  • One was this this blouse, the sleeves have always felt funny. So I cut them off to short sleeves, much better
  • Khaki pants too short for Meredith, cut them off to Bermuda shorts
  • Added rick-rack to a top I made for Meredith.
  • Went shopping at Home Goods on the way home from the shower, wanted to buy many, many things but resisted and came home with only three items. Really wanted to go to Hancock's but I knew the other 4 people in my car would not think that was fun.
  • Package (mentioned above) came from Needle Nook - full of wonderful fabrics for me, 2 swimsuit patterns for the twins and fabric for these suits.

Answering a question:

mlefholz said...
Since my daughter is getting married in August, I'm curious to know which song brought a smile?

First one was "I Loved Her First", that was the tears to my eyes. I think she is going with "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts. I will smile because it is what I want for her but probably will make me cry but not near as much as the first.

Thank you all for all the well wishes for the wedding. I can't believe this time in 2 weeks it will be almost over, where does time go? It seems like yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital.


  1. Your white/blue stripe shirt is really nice. Surprising how many little jobs one can find to do. This is a wonderful time for your daughter. Best wishes.

  2. You have been a busy woman. With a wedding in 2 weeks I will pray that you keep your sanity and that your heart will stay happy. The weddings of our 3 daughters were at the same time the happiest and saddest times of my life. The sadness came from the fact that they each moved far away right after their weddings. The happiness is that they have found their soul mates and partner for life.
    It also helped that the stress of planning the big day was over, but that also can leave you feeling kind of lost! Enjoy the day!

  3. Did you show your twins the June BWOF? This issue has strong youth appeal. I just made a version of that skirt you show.

    Hang in there, Lori!

  4. Wow, I also want to try this pattern. I bought my magazine this week and I am in love with the skirt but a bit afraid of it, lol...
    Please, share with us the results!

  5. You are a busy woman! A happy and sad time. I cried when my DS got married the first time. The second one I didn't cry as I was happy for him to finally find someone good. It is a mother's job to cry for thier children.LOL. I was looking at all the purses you have done. Someday you are going to be famous purse designer and we can say we knew her "when". Lori, all the best to you and your family at this wonderful time. I always like looking at what you sew,
    Donna W

  6. OMGosh, "I loved her first" makes me cry now, I can't imagine my daughter and her daddy dancing to that and me not flooding the room! Two short weeks, how exciting!!!

  7. That skirt will be very cute - nice and summery!