Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding Preparations

I thought I would first begin with some photos of the wedding preparation. All three of Paige's sisters helped with this big event, each in their own way.

Paige and I saw this idea at a wedding show and we knew Kaitlyn the baker, would be just the person to help with this project.

So we began the process of baking 400+ cookies. With the help of several friends and family we iced these 1-1/2"cookies with white icing. Kaitlyn then iced half of the cookies with a J (groom's first initial) and the other half with a P (bride's first initial). I helped a bit with the yellow, but Kailtyn really had to help me do a good job.

Here is a few of the P cookies

The J cookies:

Last fall, I asked for help locating favor boxes and thanks to you, I was able to get 200 of these blue boxes from Michaels. So after folding and assembling the boxes. We wrapped 2 cookies, one J and one P, in saran wrap, added a bow and then inserted them into a favor box. Adding the blue bow and the special tag, which states"Our wedding day wouldn't have been the same without you here." These were purchased at the knot.


Here are all the boxes assembled and waiting to be placed at each place setting.

Here they are on the tables:

Now Meredith, the scrapbooker, she was in charge of the table numbers and helped Paige with the place cards.
Here are the table numbers

One nephew at age 7, took charge of eating the cookies from the boxes not opened. Last count he ate 27 cookies and loved taking many pictures with the disposable cameras.
Tomorrow I will post on the flowers and the tent.
I hope you don't get sick of hearing about the wedding. I don't think I will be sewing for a few days, hubby and I were up very late on Saturday or should I say Sunday morning, cleaning up and getting ready for Sunday for our friends and family to eat wedding leftovers and visit. I am so happy I took today off work, too!!


  1. Great favors. I'm in charge of favors for my niece's bridesmaids luncheon. Any ideas? I was thinking of trying to find vintage tea cups and saucers. I don't know how many will be invited yet, though, so this may be too expensive. I like your blue boxes. The cookie idea is great too.

  2. It's really very nice that the entire family had a part in the wedding. It shows how close you all are. Hey--you have 3 more weddings to go! You could go into the wedding-planner business!

  3. I could never get sick of hearing about the wedding so keep it coming. :) I love the colour scheme you chose. Beautiful!

  4. Thanks for all the wedding reports. My daughter's wedding was one of the most enjoyable (and exhausting) times of my life. Looks like your daughter's wedding was amazing!

  5. Everything looks so beautiful. I just love the idea of the cookie favors...what a lovely idea! I too think the colors are fabulous!

  6. Well of course I'm not tired of hearing about the wedding since we just did this too. Love the cookies, what sweet sisters to put so much work into these adorable favors. The little scrapbook table numbers are so cute.I went back to work to get some rest. ha ha

  7. Thanks for posting all the wedding pictures, I loved seeing everything you did. Wow, it sure turned out wonderfully and I'll bet you are exhausted! Many blessings for the newlyweds!