Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vogue 8534

Pattern Review
Pattern:Vogue 8534

Description: Tops A, B have front pleats and kimono sleeve length variations. Top C has front darts, upper front extending into tie ends, inserted through loop, forming bow. A, B, C: unfinished neck edge.

Sizing: 6 to 22

Instructions: Great. The only instruction to really read and pay attention is the pleating for the neckline. The rest is sew the center back seam, shoulder seam and side seams.

Likes/Dislikes: I really like the pleats, dresses up a basic t-shirt. This shirt has great shape and with the right knit fabric drapes beautifully. The only possible dislike is the neckline is not finished. You stitch on the stitching line, which is shown on the pattern piece and then the neckline is complete. Yes, that is an unfinished look and with my solid fabric I like it. A bit deconstructed. Now for a print fabric this might not be a good look, especially if the fabric is only printed on the right side. A look that might not be for everyone.

Changes: I added 1” to the shorten/lengthen line and then another inch to the hem for view A.
Fabric: Bamboo blend knit from First time I have used bamboo, really nice. After I tried on my top, I decided it needed a bit more waist shaping, so I took it in about 1/2" on the side seams (just the waist area)

Conclusion: From I am not sure about this pattern but I am going to give it a try to, wow, this is a really nice top and I will make it again.

Snapped a quick picture

One of the two purses I have been commissioned (just like to use that word, sounds important, but in reality hired/asked) to make. Similar to one I have made earlier. - Charm pack bag - using one less square per row.


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    It really looks great on you, Lori. I have been surprised recently to see pricey knit tees just cut off and not hemmed so the neckline finish (or lack of it) updates the look of the tee I think. Pretty color on you too...

    (Enjoyed the recent post of your garden.)

  2. Very pretty top...I was wondering...could you bind the raw edge at the neck if you wanted too? I know deconstructed is the trend, but I am a little old school about my clothes.

  3. I have a couple of rtw tops with the unfinished edges, and I like them fine. Your top looks very nice on you. The color is good, and I like how you shaped the sides.

  4. I don't mind the unfinished edge on ruffles or hems, but I must say that I don't like it on the neck. I would bind it, either with a contrasting color or the same color knit. It is such a cute tee and I am sure it will look adorable on you.

  5. Threads Magazine has a review of this pattern in the July 2009 #143 issue. The tester recommended finishing the neckline and the cover photo of this top shows a facing applied before the pleating. The top in the cover photo also shows the pleating finished with lovely but easy looking beading detail, the sleeves are finished with a scalloped hem. The article featuring the beading (Living on the Edge) starts on page 52 and features several fantastic edge finishes. has an online tutorial for a hand scalloped edge also uned on this top.

  6. Cute top and it fits perfectly. Making commissioned bags equals more fabric purchases for you!

  7. The top looks great on you! I love that color!

  8. I like the top. This is one of my to do patterns. I think you are right about the solid knit vs print. Your handbags look great!

  9. This is a nice tee! I like the unfinished neckline and the fit on you. Looks great!

  10. Lori..what a fun and chic top!
    I can see making this with the raw edge and others with a bound or faced neckline.

    Can't wait until my pattern gets here ! Thanks for the added inspiration....

    ..and the bags are gorgeous!

  11. Very cute..and it looks pretty easy to make. Cute bags too.

  12. That looks really cute on you Lori! I've seen lots of RTW with raw edges and hems lately so I think you're right on top of the trend. Cute bags too!

  13. The top looks so cute on you.