Thursday, May 14, 2009

Questions Answered

Thanks for all the nice comments on dd#4's top.

Here are a few answers to questions

Stephanie asked

Do you think it would be easy to change it to a side zip and more fitted in the back?

The pattern has no zipper at all, I think a side zipper would be a good solution for a more fitted top. Thanks for the idea.

LittleMiss asked

I want to try to make it in a knit. I hope that will work

I think it would be great in a knit, you could possibly go down a size if you wanted it more fitted. The neckline is low and square so it is easy to get on.

Grace wanted to know what my dds' 8th grade dance dresses looked like.

Well, the darker green was purchased on clearance at Dillard's in January. The other one was purchased at a store called Deb.
It was fun to see the different styles they selected but were in the same color family.


  1. You probably could go down two sizes using a really stretchy knit. I think that would be nice.

  2. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Thank you for showing me the dresses they are so pretty. Gave my 8th grader ideas. She loves the longer one.


  3. The girls look very nice in their dresses. That is always interesting shopping for dresses for young girls. YOu don't want them to look too old, but still want them to wear something fun and pretty.