Saturday, May 16, 2009

Diaper Bags

DD#2 has two friends having babies. She asked me to make them diaper bags, we went together to pick out fabric knowing both girls were having boys.

Here is one bag:

and the other:

I was procrastinating on this project, not sure why. Hoping to get back to clothing but two special orders for bags, I might sneak in a couple tops for me!


  1. Cute bags! Custom diaper bags are in demand--both for mom and dad. Nice job! Your yard looks beautiful.

  2. Those are adorable bags. Love your photos.

  3. tcsewhat5:10 PM

    What pattern did you use? or are these custom? I just did a diaper bag for my niece who is expecting in June. I used a Sew Baby pattern that is reversible. It looks good- but I don't think the pockets are big enough for bottles. When I make it again, I will change it. I love to make bags and yours are sharp.

  4. Beth Conky8:00 PM

    The diaper bags are so cute. They don't look like diaper bags. Cute color combo's.

  5. These are great!! The colors are awesome. These young moms have such really cool stuff.
    They will love these one of a kind bags.

  6. Very cute! They will love those diaper bags...much better than the store bought ones. :)

  7. Great have such a knack for choosing the perfect fabrics !