Thursday, May 28, 2009


I took my camera to my friend's quilt shop today. Recently, I had made several things and forgot to take pictures. About 18 years ago, I was a big quilter and was active in a quilt guild. A few years later, I had twins and started sewing clothing for them and then clothing for me. Quilting was forgotten, until my friend opened her store. I needed a new quilt for the great room, one that wasn't threadbare and would match the colors of the room. I was at the quilt shop and saw this pattern and had to make this quilt. Currently, the quilt is on display at the shop but I will bring it home in a month, bind it and put it to use.

I am teaching this class, the pattern is a Jelly Roll bag and it is pretty cute. Meredith made one the first of the week and I am so impressed how nicely she sews. She wants to take the Anna tunic class in July. I am so excited she likes to sew and now wants to make a garment.

Cheryl from Australia wanted some of the PRR fabric I listed on my blog a while back. I sent fabric, Cheryl sent me magazines and patterns. One of the patterns, is a Melly and Me design was made into this bag:

Thanks, Cheryl, I am so enjoying all my goodies.

Next, another bag from a charm pack

Do you see the dress in the upper left corner? I taught that class this past Tuesday with 5 women. It was such a fun class and the little sundresses turned out darling.

Then I finished the second custom order. This is the fourth time I have used this fabric, three custom bags and the above bag. I hope the next order wants some different fabric!!

So not much garment sewing, but I have been sewing.


  1. Beautiful bags and even more beautiful quilt. How do you like teaching sewing? I'm thinking about getting into that venture soon.

  2. are just SO talented !

  3. Teaching sewing is very rewarding. Sounds like you're enjoying it. It's great that you have a "hang out" at your friend's quilt shop. How fun! I used to work at a small fabric shop and loved it. Nice quilt and bags.

  4. Love the Melly & Me bag, and finding that houndstooth quilting fabric has jumped to the top of my list! You sure are busy :-)!!

  5. Oh gosh, I LOVE that Melly & Me bag - I want one just like it, what a cute style! All your sewing is so great!

  6. The quilt is wonderful, love the colors. Your daughters purse looks great. All of my daughters sew, it's so much fun to share fabric love with them. I started a blog come take a look.

  7. Beautiful work! Quilting: something I have to try some time!
    (I usually don't sew what I can't wear, lol!) Your quilt looks pretty awesome!