Monday, March 09, 2009

We Have a Winner!!

Thanks to number 25 (26 people entered) is the winner. So, Lisa H, you are the winner of the purse, congratulations. Please email me you address and the purse will be on the way to you

Thanks all for entering and sorry I didn't post the winner until today. I was just too tired on Sunday. My oldest daughter (the birthday girl) became a homeowner on February 28th, exciting. Hubby, the twins and myself went to her home and worked for two days. Along with her fiance and his dad and then his mom on Sunday. We painted 4 rooms inside the house and the huge entryway and upstairs hallway (all two coats), caulked and painted the front door, put up a new outside light by the front door, installed a new mailbox post, installed laminate flooring in the kitchen and laundry room (the guys did that), cleaned the bathrooms and taped more rooms for painting. Makes me want to paint some rooms in my house but my muscles have to feel better first!

Sewing.... I finished a pair of BWOF pants from 2/2009 and started a blouse from the same issue. Hopefully pictures soon.


  1. Yep-that's what happens when the children leave our nest. We go to theirs--and work! How wonderful for your daughter--new home and family to help her settle in.

  2. How exciting for your daughter! You're such a wonderful family to help her so much. :-)