Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Weekend

First, thanks for all the birthday wishes, it was a wonderful birthday. The town gave me a parade, just take a look:

No, not really it was homecoming for the high school. My best friend and I joked they were giving me a parade. They could of asked me to be the Grand Marshall, right?

Saturday, the twins played in our conference middle school softball tournament. There was a 3 hour break between their first and second games. My mom, a friend and I headed to a nearby town to check out the antique and artist stores. I took a picture of this chair, it is bent willow with all these sticks poking out of the back. I asked permission to take the picture:

Now read the sign for the chair:

I thought is was too funny, especially considering I am going to be a mother-in-law. I told my son-in-law to-be that I didn't want to find this in their home!!

I made a purse tonight. I purchased 2 charm packs to make some pillows for the family room, this is what I had left over. Thought I would make a purse from the few left.

I have started sewing on a dress tonight, hurray, back to garment sewing.
Lindsay has asked for pictures of your wedding dress. I bought my dress but knew the minute I put it on, it was the one. I posted this picture in August for our 25th anniversary but thought I would share again.


  1. Love that purse! Very preppy, Lilly Pulitzer-like. Fun to see you in your gown again.

  2. a belated happy birthday!

    and i need one of those chairs for my house. i am sure you will be a fabulous MIL. if you need any tips on what not to do, i have a list. i'm taking notes for the day i become a MIL. :)