Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer and Sewing

What beautiful weather we are having, it feels like September not August. One thing we know around here, it will get very hot the day school starts. If that is correct, look for a heatwave around the 18th. Probably will be more like the 16th, we move dd#1 to her college, then the 17th move dd#2 to her college.

Last night we were out swimming, making s'mores and enjoying the tiki torches. My flowers were looking so pretty at sunset, I had to snap a picture.

I played with some settings on my camera for this flower bed.
Here is one tikit torch

Sewing I made a shirt for dd#3, a "That's So Raven" pattern. I made it from an PRR knit (stripe) that has been in my stash for 5 years. This was late night sewing and I didn't get her stamp of approval first, when I showed her the shirt, I got the big nose wrinkle. I suggested dying the fabric, and that was met with a reluctant yes. I did that yesterday and now the top is a hit or will at least get worn (I think). Dd#3 says it looks like something she would buy at Aeropostale and now she will wear it. I will get pictures today and then next up dd #4's shorts.


  1. "The big nose wrinkle." LOL!! Your garden makes me green with envy ... it's beautiful.

  2. Your garden is gorgeous. Way to go! Sounds like you had a nice evening. Have a great day! Em